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Fab Freckles
Gladys Torres
Actress, 25

"I was raised in Puerto Rico, where a full face of freckles like mine isn't common. I'd sometimes cover my face with heavy makeup to hide them. I never felt very attractive."

How She Learned to Love Her Look
Five years ago, Gladys moved to New York City. "Here, everyone is different," she says. "It allowed me to appreciate the particular kind of different I am."

Making the Most of It
Gladys should play up those freckles. "Because they're common in kids, freckles signify youth," says Chicago plastic surgeon Steven Dayan, MD. "Usually freckles are combined with a genuine flush, also common when we're young. So the overall effect is a bright, attractive vitality."

Easy Enhancement: Blush

Dress, Banana Republic, $178. Necklace, Maro Bicego.