Bottega Veneta Spring RTW beauty

Last fall, designers sent models down the runway with gorgeous, rumpled waves, stunning, deeply stained lips, shimmery purple eyes, and pristine, glowing, skin. Naturally, we wanted to try all of the looks. But (naturally) most are not work—or real-world—appropriate. O's beauty director, Valerie Monroe, and executive beauty editor Jenny Bailly know how you can adapt them for everyday.

Deeper shades of purple and red are new additions to the bright-red lip trend of past seasons. Rich colors like these typically come out after dark, but women can now wear them 24/7. Why? They're not super-matte. "They have a nice balance between a lipstick and a gloss," says Bailly, who helped select the lipsticks covered in the 2010 Makeup O-Wards.

GET THE LOOK: First, line lips with a clear or neutral lip pencil (Bobbie Brown makes one we love). Next, apply color inside the line. "If you have a dark skin tone, you can go with a deep and orangey shade," says Bailly. "If you're pale, you want to go with a blue-based lipstick that's a little sheer." Add a light dusting of rosy blush or bronzer and use a neutral (beige or skin-tone) eyeshadow for a grown-up, sophisticated look.
Chloe Spring RTW wavy hair

Chloé, Stella McCartney, Costume National and Guy Laroche all showed some version of the "I just got out of bed" look. Happily, bedhead is ridiculously easy to do.

GET THE LOOK: If you have naturally wavy hair, Bailly recommends washing at night and letting it air-dry. Don't even part or brush it; you don't want it to look too perfect. In the morning, rub a light serum on your palms and gently pat down any flyaways. If your hair doesn't have natural wave, wash it the night before, let it air dry, but in the morning, use a large-barrel curling iron on three-inch sections of hair, and apply a texturizing spray to add volume as you curl. After you're done, brush through the curls and use a small amount of serum to pat down flyaways. If you have fine hair, or are going for a slightly more polished look than "I just woke up," hold the curling iron at your crown for a few minutes to get some height, Monroe says. You'll still have soft waves, but it will be clear you spent some time on it. (See our no-snip makeovers for a great example of polished waves.)
Michael Kors purple eyes

This was everywhere: Pastel purples on models' eyes at Derek Lam, Christian Dior, and Versace; amethyst shadow and violet-tinged lip gloss at Michael Kors; mauve lipstick at Fendi. Some of the models at Proenza Schouler even had their hair dyed lilac. Personally, we'd advise sticking with the eyeshadows—and using a light hand.

GET THE LOOK: For those of us not on the catwalk, says Monroe, "Less is more, always." Instead of wearing full-throttle deep purple, do one very sheer layer on your lid (and by the way, no shadow should ever go above the crease). Or use purple eyeshadow as a liner. Wet the liner brush or Q-tip, dab it in the shadow and apply it right above your lash line.
Carolina Hererra loose buns spring RTW

"You're going for what your hair would look like if you put it in a bun and lay down on a hammock for two hours reading," says Monroe. "The 'I just took a nap,' relaxed, pretty look." It's the same overall concept as rumpled waves, but in an updo.

GET THE LOOK: Gather hair into a loose ponytail, then twist and wrap into a low, messy bun. Secure it with a few bobby pins; 3 or 4 should do the trick. If your hair has little natural texture, tease it a bit before twisting up so the bun doesn't unravel.
Marc Jacobs Spring ready to wear fake lashes

This year, many makeup artists went heavy on the mascara; Marc Jacobs even added crazy, fake lashes. You might want to save the fakes for a night out, says Monroe, but thick, glossy, black lashes look great anytime.

GET THE LOOK: Think "black, black, black" Monroe says. Use a plastic-molded brush, like CoverGirl LashExact (there's also a waterproof version). Instead of pulling the wand straight out to the end of the lash, draw it out, up and away from your eye toward your temple. The result is a thicker, longer-looking lash. Repeat a few times for a superthick coat.
Calvin Klein Spring RTW shimmery skin beauty

Cream or powder shimmer gives your complexion beautiful radiance. Makeup artists at Calvin Klein and Max Mara blended it on foreheads, cheekbones, inner corners of eyes, lids and lips to define features without a heavy or "makeup-y" look.

GET THE LOOK: These shows took the "just back from the gym" glow to an extreme, but you'll want to limit shimmer to cheekbones, brow bones and eyelids. Avoid the T-zone, Bailly says. Women with pale skin tones can try silvery shimmer, but those with dark complexions should stick to pink or gold for a sun-kissed shine.