Marionette lines

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How to Hide Marionette Lines
Marianne Butler, 42: Photo editor

What was bothering her: "My ruddy complexion and the marionette lines around my mouth."

Bobbi's no-surgery solution: "Women in their 40s often complain about their skin—that it's looking ruddy or sallow. I tell them, 'Even if you've always resisted foundation, start wearing it now.' Use an especially hydrating moisturizer every day, because it plumps up the skin, so whatever lines are starting to form will look less obvious. I applied a corrector under Marianne's eyes, close to her lashes, because there were some purple shadows there, and also around her nose, where she is especially ruddy. Then I applied foundation over her whole face to even out her complexion. Toning down the redness around her nose and mouth definitely diminished the look of her marionette lines. On Marianne's eyes, I used a sandy, neutral eyeshadow over the top lid right up to the brow and a thin application of mahogany liner on her upper lid. Black mascara adds definition to her eyes and draws attention up and away from the lines around her mouth. I used a taupe shadow to accentuate her gorgeous brows and a raspberry pink cream blush on the apples of her cheeks."

Cost of Bobbi's makeup:
Corrector: $22; foundation: $40; eyeshadow: $19; eyeliner: $19; mascara: $20; eyeshadow (on brows): $19; pot rouge (on cheeks): $22
Total: $161

Pricey alternative:
Restylane (or another hyaluronic acid filler): $600 to $800 per treatment, two treatments per year; Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to combat ruddiness: 400 to $800 per treatment, three to five treatments
Total: $2,400 to $5,600