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Bobbi Brown's new Pretty Powerful campaign began with a simple thought: All women are pretty, and with the right makeup and techniques, they can be pretty powerful. Featuring before and after shots of real women of all ages, skin tones and walks of life, Bobbi shows that anyone can be the star of a beauty campaign. Meet the Pretty Powerful women exclusively on Oprah.com with step-by-step beauty tips from Bobbi.  

Mimi, 43
Hometown: Panama City, Florida
What's you favorite makeup trick? Using a red Sharpie pen to touch up chipped nail polish. 

If you could solve one beauty problem, what would it be? Personally, my nose. Globally, the mainstream "idea" of beauty. 

What's your biggest indulgence? 
I don't skimp when it comes to taking care of my skin. I like my skincare products light, natural and effective.