Lauren Luke's first step to flawless foundation

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Faces are complicated and not always perfect. There are oily T-zones, spots, blotches and even different skin tones on different areas of the face. It's the job of primer or moisturizer, concealer, foundation and finishing powder to iron these out and give a nice, smooth, even look to the face.

I can't recommend specific products because everyone's preference is different, but I can tell you how to pick the best colors for your skin and show you how I created the base for all the looks in this book.

Step 1
Start with a moisturizer or primer. Either product will smooth the skin, make it easier to apply foundation and help the foundation stay in place. Apply it all over the face, right up to the hairline. I like to use a cotton pad for this, but you can do it by hand.

Be sun safe: Most foundations now contain a sunscreen. If yours doesn't, you should think about applying a sunscreen before the foundation. It's important to protect your skin. And your skin will love the extra moisturizing layer too.