1. What's the best beauty treatment you've ever had?

"Laser hair removal. It's amazing. I had it done on my upper lip and chin a couple of years ago. Forget waxing and plucking. And don't wait too long—once the hairs turn white, the laser can't zap them anymore."

2. What shade of eyeliner is most universally flattering?

"Espresso. Not a wimpy brown, but not as harsh as black. It makes both brown and blue-green eyes look more vibrant. Mascara, though, should always be black. Even on a makeup virgin, one coat looks really natural. I discontinued my brown mascara."

3. What is the most important trick you have for applying concealer?

"When you're hiding dark under-eye circles, use a brush to get right up to the lashline and into the inner corners of the eyes. And wherever you're applying concealer, always tap or press—never rub or wipe. Under-eye concealer is the one makeup thing I do every day. If I get around to blush or eyeliner, that's awesome—but concealer is a must."

4. Do you dye your hair?

"Every two weeks. My hair is totally white, and I'm five feet tall, so most people have a great view of my roots. When will I stop? Sixty is right around the corner, so...I'll revisit this when I'm 70."

5. Of all the products you make, which is the one you couldn't live without?

"My Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm is the one thing I can put on my face—without a stitch of makeup—and look ten years younger. I have superdry skin, and this cream immediately plumps it up and makes me look refreshed."

6. How do you feel about Botox?

"I've done it. I'll never do it again. It didn't look natural to me. If you take away the lines in my forehead, it doesn't match the rest of my face."

7. What advice do you wish your mother had given you about looking good?

"That how I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin—that's what really makes you beautiful."

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