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Erin, Seabrook, New Hampshire

At Miraval, I will rest my mind and body. This is the intention of self-revitalization and renewal to expand my work with poor women in Kenya.

The best advice I have ever received was at Miraval. The advice is, "You can only give what you have." This message came across loud and clear in various forms from every class and lecture we attended. If we do not take care of ourselves first, there will be nothing left over to give to others.

Giving to others is what I do best, so I really needed time to be still, rejuvenate and refocus my thoughts. ... My life is very full, and before Miraval I had been getting run-down and sick frequently. Being still through meditation taught me how to discover what I need for myself. Only once I am whole can I be there fully for everyone.

The friendships made at Miraval will be lifelong. Most of us were in the same place in our lives and spent the entire time together, learning the Miraval jewels of life as a group. As a result, the connections we made with one another were on a deeper level. Our time in Tucson was the beginning of our new journey as individuals, but also as a group.