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Each woman chosen to travel to the Miraval Spa went into the experience with personal goals in mind. Some of the woman share what they hoped to gain from the life-changing week—as well as how the trip impacted their lives when they returned home.

Laura, San Antonio

To rediscover my true self, to learn and share with others tools that can help me, to eat mindfully, to meditate.

What I learned about myself at Miraval is that I can allow myself to take time off to rediscover my true self. The best and most important take-home piece is that I can use the tools I learned even when I am at home. I can meditate, work out, breathe and smell the flowers.

My advice to others is to take time to reflect on what is important, such as family, friendships and yourself. The spirit of Miraval is to use all of our knowledge to improve our well-being. By learning, we can share with others how to be healthy and mindful.