Red leaves

Photograph by Amanda Kabat

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
These are leaves on a tree outside of my house.
Lake surrounded by forest

Photograph by Yvonne Resch

Cliff Lake near Noxon, Montana
I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States: the upper corner of western Montana. We do a lot of hiking into the mountain and up to the high lakes. It is nothing but breathtaking.

Tree-lined path

Photograph by Laura Ellis

Washington, D.C.
This picture was taken in fall 2008 on a family trip to Washington, D.C.
Spider web

Photograph by Nicolette Porte

La Canada, California
My husband and I have been retired since 2006 and have been traveling the United States in our motor home. I found this very cool spider web on one of our journeys. I think that it looks like sparkling diamonds.
Aspen trees

Photograph by Gwenda Huebner

Southern Utah
I was driving with a friend back home and we took a quick detour off the road to look at the aspen trees. They were just turning colors and were so beautiful. We took a trail for about a quarter mile and came upon this beautiful fishing hole. I named it "Hidden Treasure."
Trees with leaves changing color

Photograph by Kathleen Lota

West Milford, New Jersey
My favorite time of year in my hometown.
Leaves changing near the water

Photograph by Miriam Arocho

Harriman State Park, New York
Harriman State Park offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails, wildlife, streams and scenic roads. The park is especially beautiful in the fall.
Hood Canal

Photograph by Linda Helms

Union, Washington
Union, Washington, is located on Hood Canal, coined "The Venice of the Northwest," home of artists, dreamers, nature lovers and the Skokomish Tribal Nation. In 1920, it became Washington. It was the state's first artist colony. Generations later, Union still draws the artistic soul. Bill Gates and his family have been here for decades. There is a palpable peace that resides on the canal. Like the sustained note of a Tibetan healing bowl, it vibrates, lifting one's soul into the realm of joyful stillness.

Photograph by Shauna Kentworthy

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
Taken near my home in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada, this foal was only 3 days old when it was frolicking and running with its mother. The wonders of nature!
Hay bales

Photograph by Shirley Caldwell

Prince Edward Island, Canada
While camping, we passed by these neat bales of hay that were just harvested. Such a pretty landscape!
Yosemite Valley, California

Photograph by Elissa Salter

Yosemite Valley, California
I was laid off from my job last November, and I decided to take a couple days to just get away. I went to Yosemite and took a day to drive around the Yosemite Valley and just stopped anywhere I wanted to take a photo, which was many stops because there are so many beautiful spots. I was reminded this day to enjoy the scenery along the way, not just getting [to your destination]. A pretty basic lesson, but such a great reminder. Yosemite was my breath of fresh air.
Watermarks on trees

Photograph by Jennifer Blanchard

Pearl River, Louisiana
I call this photo "The Mark." The watermark from a natural spring flood event is left behind in the Honey Island Swamp. I am a scientist and an artist. I love nature. I see in color, but often photograph in black-and-white. I like to focus on contrast, texture, shape and composition.
Building in a field

Photograph by Martine Altena

Dutch Antilles
God's gift for humans. That's how beautiful nature can be.
View from the mountaintop

Photograph by Kate Karshna

Grand Marais, Minnesota
I took this photo on a rainy day in early October 2008, from the top of a short hike off the Gunflint Trail near the boundary waters in Minnesota.
Winding road in the fall

Photograph by DeAlan Wilson

Bronx, New York
As a professional fashion and entertainment photographer for more than 15 years in New York City, I find great pleasure in simply taking out my camera, jumping into my car and driving away into the hill country of New York state. I have always been drawn toward nature. I call this place "my secret oasis."
Snow-covered mountains

Photograph by Dawn McCaslin

For our 30th birthdays, myself, my boyfriend and my best friend decided to go on a trip of a lifetime to Iceland. In the end, Iceland's raw and untamed beauty touched our soul and changed us in ways we never could have imagined. It is a land of magic and possibility. The remote locations we visited forced us to question many of our basic assumptions about life.

Photograph by David Sanders

Tulsa, Oklahoma
My husband, David, is a wonderful photographer. He is so busy working and taking photographs, he rarely gets an opportunity to have his photographs viewed. I appreciate this opportunity to share some of them with you.

Photograph by Michele Wojciehowski

Nashwauk, Minnesota
I am not a professional photographer, but I have always dreamed of being one. I am a wife and mother of two and work part time. I especially love taking nature/wildlife photographs, but I can't venture too far from home since I have young children. I can't imagine I will ever be able to be a true wildlife photographer while my children are young, so I just photograph for fun.
Trees near a fence

Photograph by Sharon Rhoades

East Aurora, New York
The start of the beautiful fall coming. This picture was just so peaceful looking out my driveway. How pictures tell a story!
Sunset on the ocean

Photograph by Alisa Nasier

Singkawang, West Kalimantan
This is the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen during all of my travels. Everything was golden. I was completely breathless. Every time I see this picture, I am reminded of the time that I was there and how I felt that overwhelming peace and the realization that the universe is so much bigger than any of my problems...and that everything will be just fine.