Hosta leaf

Photograph by Linda B.

Mattituck, New York
One doesn't have to go far to find beauty in a garden. Even the tiniest drops of rain on a hosta leaf in the morning light are there for us to enjoy.

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Pink flower in prairie

Photograph by Kevin R.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Walking through the prairie early one morning, I discovered these wonderful treasures covered in dew. While most people were still sleeping, I was fortunate to witness this breathtaking moment of nature.

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Photograph by Anna H.

Montello, Wisconsin
The entire family rushed out of our summer cottage on Buffalo Lake to take in the view as clouds rolled in to create this dramatic sunset. A great reminder to take a breath and be grateful for the escape from busy city life.

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Yellow bird

Photograph by Sharon R.

East Aurora, New York
What a beautiful morning. This bird was enjoying his morning, as was I. This is just so breathtaking. I couldn't believe the wonderful colors. How God's nature is like a coloring book.

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Photograph by Sarah D.

Nashville, Tennessee
I enjoy photographing flowers and plants up close so that the detail and beauty of nature shines more than ever. I was lucky that this butterfly stayed still long enough for me to capture it, and I'm very happy about the way the picture turned out!

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Photograph by Eve H.

Maui, Hawaii
Big waves—the picture speaks for itself. Imagine that guy is near 6 feet tall and figure out the size of the wave he is on!

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Photograph by Melody A.

Doolin, Ireland
While driving through Ireland, I came across this abandoned castle. The picture I captured has become the place I mentally go to when I need a break from the rest of the world.

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Photograph by Apolinar P.

I was born in New York City and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I am a photographer/artist. I consider myself an artist with a mechanical tool that helps me express myself and my subjects in a complementing way.

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Ocean with dark sky

Photograph by Melina J.

Hollywood, Florida
I think this photo has many dimensions, in that it shows a little bit of the vastness of the earth. I think it's also inspirational and has a sense of mystery because it makes you wonder what's beyond the light and what maybe to the left or right of the photo.

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Red flower

Photograph by Kamelia S.

Skopje, Macedonia
Notice the full beauty of the color red.

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Photograph by Crystal T.

San Bernardino, California
The Mojave is stunning to look at, even if it can be hard to live with. Nothing says "breathing space" to me quite as much as this photograph taken in Death Valley.

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Tropical sunset

Photograph by Giovanni R.

The picture was taken at sunset in Samoa. The air was still and the ocean a glass slate. I watched in awe of the serenity of a minuscule part of the universe, happy that I could experience a moment of deep inner peace.

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Photograph by Lee M.

Fayetteville, North Carolina
I found the fungi growing on the stump of a tree we had cut down earlier in the year. As a jewelry designer who works with sterling silver, copper and brass, I am always looking for inspiration in nature. I was attracted to the "ripples" found on the underside and the smoothness of the top. Color, texture, translucency—inspiration is there for the taking.

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Photograph by Kevin R.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
This is what happens when you take the time to really "see." So many times I have walked through this prairie looking for the "money shot." But after taking a workshop at the local nature center, I learned to slow down and to really look at what was right in front of me. This shot taken from HD video is a result of finally opening my eyes and seeing.

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Photograph by Mary M.

Rockford, Michigan
Macro view of a baby turtle. Look how his eye blends right in with the rest of his body. Isn't he beautiful?

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Pink peony

Photograph by Jennifer M.

Freeport, Maine
I am blessed with a beautiful flower garden that was started before I came here. This peony blossom reminds me that nature is always renewing itself. Every day I see a new wonder here and want to share it with others.

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Photograph by Heidi B.

Lake Tahoe, California
Nothing better than waking up to a sunrise on the west shore of Lake Tahoe.

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Photograph by Judith M.

Southwest Georgia
Our farm has much wildlife! Often I miss the opportunity of capturing the moment because I don't have a camera. Yesterday while blackberry picking, I remembered to bring my camera and captured a beautiful butterfly! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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Pink flowers

Photograph by Diana M.

Wilmington, Delaware
I love the colors in this photo. The open petals depict the openness I have to life, especially in the summertime.

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Lake Tahoe

Photograph by Heidi B.

Lake Tahoe, California
The blue water of Lake Tahoe is one of the best sites on Earth. I'm fortunate to live close by and never tire of the colors or of the natural beauty. It brings peace to me.

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