Bamboo forest

Photograph by Aaron B.

Kyoto, Japan
This photo was taken in the early morning, around 6 a.m. Arashiyama bamboo forest is by far one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. Oftentimes there is a gentle breeze blowing that causes the bamboo to sway against one another making an amazingly soothing, earthy sound.

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Water drop

Photograph by Lacey B.

Halfway, Missouri
This was taken at my mother's home in the country. I had returned here after 10 years of living in the Philadelphia. Little moments like this have helped me reconnect with my spirit. It reminds me to be still and allows for much-needed breathing space.

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Exotic flower

Photograph by Gregg S.

San Francisco, California
I took a picture of this flower at the San Francisco zoo. What a beautiful flower!

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Photograph by Sandra H.

Palm Bay, Florida
A Gulf Fritillary sitting on a daisy in my front yard. I love walking around in the morning just looking for new arrivals to my garden.

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Photograph by Jocelyn A.

Crofton Waterfront on Vancouver Island
Very blessed to wake up to this sunrise. Grabbed my camera and ran out into the street in my housecoat and slippers. Good thing I know my neighbors really well. Saltspring Island was a flood of pink, and the water was shimmering with color. It was a rare morning—so glad I caught it.

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Photograph by Kamelia S.

Skopje, Macedonia

Photograph by Carol B.

Eastpointe, Michigan
I don't know why, of all the things to photograph, flowers are my favorite. I think it is because they are a tiny bit of stillness in fast-paced, hectic world. It is like for that second, all the ugliness and all the static of life is gone, replaced by beautiful, calm peace.

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Photograph by Megan R.

Portland, Oregon
I am not a photographer, but I was hiking in Forest Park and came across this beautiful, flowing stream and had to capture the moment. To me, it resembles the deepest truth—that, in essence, all we can do is flow with the stream of life. And even though we may hit rocks, sticks and shaky waters, our deeper spiritual essence will always carry us to where we belong. All we need to do is lay back, surrender and trust the universe by going with the great flow of its wisdom.

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Snail on hydrangea flower

Photograph by Heather A.

Fairhaven, Massachusetts
I awoke to these beautiful snails crawling all over my hydrangea bush outside of our house. It was simply magical!

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Pink flowers

Photograph by Maria M.

I love taking photographs of flowers. Actually, I just love taking pictures of anything. Everything in life happens in the blink of an eye, and photographs help to preserve the special moments. Enjoy!

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Palm trees at the beach

Photograph by Bennette B.

Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines
My kids and their group went for an out-of-town outing. We decided to take a break and went with them. This place isn't fully developed yet. It's such a breathtaking place to see. My country is very lucky to have so many of these nature spots.

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Blue sky

Photograph by Jennifer P.

Yulee, Florida
I took this photo one afternoon when I went into my backyard and saw beauty in the sky.

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Butterfly on red flower

Photograph by Nancy W.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania
I love taking many nature photos and video clips. In the winter when it's gloomy outside or if I'm feeling a little blue, I will set the computer on a full-screen slide show and take in the beauty. I find this relaxing and enjoyable.

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Photograph by Lori C.

St. Louis, Missouri
I just love sunflowers. It doesn't matter how hot it may be! Hope your summer is full of sunshine!

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Photograph by Ray N.

El Paso, Texas
On certain stormy spring nights and some cool summer evenings, this monumental icon overlooking El Paso and Mexico hides in the shadows, while the colors of the sunset break through from behind and give us a small taste of the peace that was bestowed upon us so long ago.

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Pink exotic flower

Photograph by Leslie L.

Rolling Prairie, Indiana
My favorite part of nature to photograph is flowers. There is something very spiritual and beautiful about flowers, and I enjoy capturing that in my photographs. This one was taken on my parents' property in little Rolling Prairie, Indiana. A beautiful flower, cultivated by beautiful people.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Photograph by Becky B.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Red bottlebrush flower

Photograph by Jan M.

Frankston, Victoria, Australia
The fiery red bottlebrush attracts insects and birds like moths to a flame.

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Photograph by Shauna K.

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
A tiny wren with a morsel of food for her babies.

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Moroccan desert

Photograph by Valerie N.

Away from the others, only the sound of the wind and my breath accompanied me. The setting sun warmed the sand to a beautiful golden color. Beauty and peacefulness surrounded me.

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