Photograph by Tamara S.

Rincon, Georgia
This is a wildflower called Indian Blanket grows around here every year.

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Blue butterfly

Photograph by Jennifer S.

San Ramon, Puerto Rico
My life is filled with blessings from nature. Lately, I've been dancing with the blue morphos.

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Orange tulips

Photograph by Jean K.

St. Charles, Illinois
The radiant color of the tulips in spring assist in opening up the creativity channels! Ah, breathe in the colors of joy!

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Flower buds

Photograph by Travis L.

Atlanta, Georgia
To me, spring is synonymous with new life and beautiful beginnings. All it takes is nature's incredible transformations to remind me.

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Sunlight by the pond

Photograph by Melissa G.

A little piece of heaven shining down on us.

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Inside a flower

Photograph by Shirlinda B.

Washington, D.C.
These images were captured with my cell phone. I like to take pictures when I'm out on a leisurely stroll or out for lunch. Sometimes nature will make me stop and think about what is important in my life. It might bring a smile to my face or remind me of something good from the past. These pictures are part of an ongoing project of seeing the world closer than I normally would—perhaps from a bug's eye view. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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Photograph by Betsy C.

Sanibel Island, Florida
I came across this shell with the morning sun shining through it. There was no other manipulation except me laying down to get the best angle.

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Photograph by Ivana B.

Ibenik, Croatia
Always look on the bright side of life.

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Ocean waves

Photograph by Annie M.

Malibu, California
I have always loved this particular drive in Malibu. As you go through Malibu Canyon, there is a road called Piuma Road, and on the top of that road is this view! Right here in L.A.—minutes from the insanity—this view is available to everyone. It always reminds me of some ancient Asian painting. I hope you enjoy it.

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Blue sky and red rocks

Photograph by Jessy Z.

Karijini National Park, Western Australia
This picture depicts trees standing above a large gorge, and it reminds me of the wildness of the outback.

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Pussy willow

Photograph by Wendy V.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I just marvel at the amazingly wonderful detail the simple pussy willow.

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Photograph by Shauna K.

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
Freshly picked raspberries from my garden. It brings back many fond childhood memories of picking raspberries at my grandparent's farm when more of them went into my mouth than in the pail.

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Orange sunset

Photograph by Susan S.

Zuma Beach, California
Every sunset has its unique colors, as does every woman.

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Photograph by Stephanie G.

Brooktondale, New York
This tree offers me a dose of daily tranquility. My husband and I chose to take our wedding photo in front of the same tree.

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Red tulip

Photograph by Ivana B.

Ibenik, Croatia
Hot pink flowers

Photograph by Julie D.

Walworth, Wisconsin
This is exactly what I want to do with my life—take pictures. I have just quit my job and will be looking to take classes in photography and other ideas for future work. I would love to have a chance to show my work. Photography is what I have a passion for, and now is the time for me to do something about it now that I am not working.

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Photograph by Ivana B.

Ibenik, Croatia
Light shining

Photograph by Jaclyn S.

Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia
This day was pretty cloudy, and I felt God opened up the sky and smiled just for me!

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Blue flowers

Photograph by Kristine A.

Riga, Latvia
This simple picture is one of my favorites from this spring. It is made in a park in Riga, and it completely reflects the feeling of the spring here. Everything is fresh, full of light, aromatic air, many different tones of green and peace. Joyful and relaxing peace.

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Photograph by Cherie H.

Istachatta, Florida
Taken on 39 beautiful acres during my surprise Mother's Day visit.

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