Tulips in Naperville, Illinois

Photograph by Isa Traverso

Naperville, Illinois
It was May 2007, and I was visiting Naperville for the first time. Then, four months later, we moved to Chicago. Tulips had a lot to do with it.
Lake Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

Photograph by Jan Mansfield

Victoria, Australia
Beauty, peace and tranquility in the center of Victoria.
Bird in Tacoma, Washington

Photograph by Connie Hardy

Tacoma, Washington
The beauty of the warm summer sunshine and nature at its finest.
Sunset in Kodiak, Alaska

Photograph by Gina Peru-Friccero

Kodiak, Alaska
The beauty of our world never fails to remind me of the gift that this life is.
Blooming fruit tree in Melbourne, Australia

Photograph by Heather Sharp

Melbourne, Australia
Nothing offers more promise in life than the spring blossom of a fruit tree. Enjoy.
Dandelion in Blackwood, New Jersey.

Photograph by Jennifer Roth

Blackwood, New Jersey
Make a wish!
Landscape in Odenville, Alabama.

Photograph by Kathlene Rushing

Odenville, Alabama
I love to take photographs of this beautiful universe. It reminds me that I am one with God and the universe.
Iceberg in Pleneau Bay, Antarctica

Photograph by Lori Lancaster

Pleneau Bay, Antarctica
This was a picture taken while zodiac cruising in Pleneau Bay near the Antarctic Peninsula. The hundreds of beautiful icebergs we saw on what was a crystal clear sunny day rivaled the best of the world's architecture. It was one of the most peaceful places I have ever experienced.
Pine cones in East Aurora, New York

Photograph by Sharon Rhoades

East Aurora, New York
I just love how Mother Nature starts the spring growing. It is just so wonderful to grow with it.
Trees near Walton Lake, Monroe, New York

Photograph by Gabrielle Mpasiakos

Monroe, New York
I am a 6-year-old girl. I took this picture for a school contest called Reflections. I thought you might like it.
Butterfly in Canton, Georgia

Photograph by Tiss Travis

Canton, Georgia
I love to photograph my gardens in the summer time. My Lantana was in full bloom and the butterflies were everywhere. It was beautiful!
Flower in Adirondack Mountains, New York

Photograph by Jennifer Roth

Adirondack Mountains, New York
A flower along my travels.
Trees near water at Palm Harbor, Florida

Photograph by Angela Moralevitz

Palm Harbor, Florida
This, to me, is the epitome of serene. I loved the way the waters were so still that day. It reminded me of staring at a painting.
Lily pads in the water in Chicago

Photograph by Aaron Straus

Lily pads in the water.
Metamora, Illinois

Photograph by Tina Gauwitz

Metamora, Illinois
Beautiful, colorful flowers in Metamora, Illinois.
Cascade Mountains, Washington

Photograph by Connie Hardy

Cascade Mountains, Washington
The majestic Cascade Mountains and the sheer peaks show the power and the beauty we take for granted and how we should hold each day as special in our hearts. Hold on to that beauty and be thankful in our souls.
Bird snow London

Photograph by Aiza Siddiqui

I took this photo on February 2, 2008, during the heaviest snowfall in 20 years in the United Kingdom.
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Photograph by Courtney Sipowicz

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
I'm lucky enough to live in an area that provides such easy access to some of the most beautiful scenery around! This picture was taken during the summer of 2008 when a few friends and I went hiking in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. This area offers some of the most spectacular views, waterfalls and foliage around. When I just need a break or some time to enjoy, the outdoors this is one of the best spots around!
Blue flowers in Manila, Philippines

Photograph by Lou Corpuz Bosshart

Manila, Philippines
I love my mom's garden. It's a full expression of her talents for gardening and nurture. These blue flowers are everywhere around our house, and they remind me of home always.
Sunset in Costa Rica

Photograph by Hunter Weeks

Costa Rica
Breathtaking sunset in Costa Rica.