Butterfly on flowers in Pleasant View, Tennessee

Photograph by Janet Burgart

Pleasant View, Tennessee
It was just a perfect moment when this butterfly presented itself.
Valles Caldera National Preserve, Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Photograph by Sandra Colson

Jemez Springs, New Mexico
This is a photo I took during an artist's tour of the Valles Caldera National Preserve. I fell in love with this magical spot. I have always loved rocks, and the colors of the rocks and the dried grasses were spectacular. When we left, I heard the call of an elk from somewhere in the trees behind us.
Red flower in Philadelphia

Photograph by Kim Soles

You don't have to live in the tropics to experience the beauty of this tropical flower. Its red is very inviting!
El Capitan and Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park, California

Photograph by Scott Schilling

Yosemite National Park, California
In this clearing, an autumn storm departs Yosemite Valley with El Capitan and Bridal Veil Falls emerging through the mist, as viewed from the Merced River.
Rowboat in the water in Clear Lake, Oregon

Photograph by Sharleen Nelson

Clear Lake, Oregon
This shot was taken during a camping trip at Clear Lake near Willamette Pass.
Pink flower in Saint Charles, Missouri

Photograph by Erika Lyn Smith

Saint Charles, Missouri
I am a self-taught digital photographer. I only recently began taking pictures again in my late 30s. I am now 41, almost 42. My husband calls me a "drive-by shooter," as I have taken many wonderful pictures as I drive by. I have learned to follow your instinct and never let anyone steal and kill your dream.
Water drops on spider web in Redding, California

Photograph by Karen Legeyt

Redding, California
I had just gotten into a big fight with my father and went out into the backyard in tears with my camera and macro lens. To calm myself, I just started shooting into the juniper bush and noticed the web covered in the early morning dew. Later, I was surprised to see such an unexpected thing of beauty created out of so much pain.
Autumn road in Plymouth, Michigan

Photograph by Lilli Day

Plymouth, Michigan
I've always loved autumn. In fall 2008, I was with my mom as she drew her last breath, and I was afraid her passing might take the color from the season. But the opposite happened. When I saw the trees kissed by the golden autumn sun, their leaves were more vivid and alive to me than ever. To everything there is a season. I get it now, and it's all okay.
Prairie grass in Minneota, Minnesota

Photograph by Eric Joyce

Minneota, Minnesota
A turbulent and dark time in my life aided in my quest for photography. It has opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us in so many ways. Some of the most beautiful photographs imaginable are within a few miles' radius of where you are standing right now. 
Frog in zinnia flower in Stover, Missouri

Photograph by Teresa Monares

Stover, Missouri
This was a pleasant surprise I found while watering my zinnia flowers. I grew up helping my father feed the animals at our local wild animal park, where he was in charge. He would often bring home newborn animals whose mothers would not feed them, so we could take care of them until they were strong enough to care for themselves. I continue to do so with the many creatures that we are blessed with on our 20-acre property. I am grateful for the opportunity.
Winter road in Concrete, Washington

Photograph by Irene Callender

Concrete, Washington
I am a 60-year-old grandmother and have in the last five years become very interested in photography. The Internet has taught me much about digital photography.
Plumeria flower in Hawaii

Photograph by Karen Welsh

This flower is the reason I moved back to the Hawaiian islands. I love plumeria blossoms. They are both beautiful and fragrant.
Water on rocks in Asheville, North Carolina

Photograph by Geri Fox

Asheville, North Carolina
This is called "Even the Rocks Cry." This is a very sentimental picture for me. A friend was expressing thoughts through the camera lens.
Byers Peak, Fraser, Colorado

Photograph by Bill Menke

Byers Peak, Fraser, Colorado
Taken the day before an avalanche.
Bee and flowers in Sonoma County, California

Photograph by Karen Welsh

Sonoma County, CA
Taking digital pictures has been a salvation for me, as I wound my way through a complete hysterectomy at 40 and the ensuing years of menopause. My favorite pictures are those directly from nature. I always feel the presence of God in such a strong way when I'm behind the camera lens.
Wilson's Promontory, Victoria, Australia

Photograph by Heather Sharp

Wilson's Promontory, Victoria, Australia
Tranquility in reflection, taken while I was on holiday.
Lavender, Sequim, Washington

Photograph by Claire Cook

Sequim, Washington
I took this photo, "Lounging in Lavender," on a road trip. Whenever I need a moment of peace to balance my crazy life, I find myself returning again and again. Can't you just imagine putting up your sneaker-clad feet and breathing in all that amazing lavender?
Monarch butterfly on flower in Addison, Vermont

Photograph by Patricia Davis

Addison, Vermont
The monarch butterfly pictured in my photograph, taken at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area, is inspiring to me because millions of these butterflies fly over 2,000 miles to winter in Mexico. They fly back to Northern climates to mate. To me, this is an awesome event, repeated year after year.
Bavarian Alps mountain range

Photograph by Michele Mohr

Bavarian Alps
This picture is the view from my parent's home in the Bavarian Alps. It was taken during Christmas last year.
Lake Superior, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Photograph by Peter Eide

Minnetonka, Minnesota
"Eternity" was taken in October 2008 along the shores of Lake Superior. It was taken in memory of a dear friend of mine who passed away unexpectedly.