Sunset on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan

Photograph by Leonard Kern

Lake Michigan
A glorious end to a beautiful day.
The Alps in Germany and Austria

Photograph by Jessica Metcalf

Germany and Austria
Peace and beauty.
Dolphins in the North Atlantic Ocean

Photograph by Jan Smith

North Atlantic Ocean
My significant other and I have been cruising the East Coast of the United States, from Key West to Maine, for about 11 years. The glorious sights we've seen are treasures in our hearts and, fortunately, we have also chronicled our adventures in newsletters and photos. We've enjoyed traveling with dolphins many times. They love following the boat, entertaining us with leaps and surfing the bow wave.
Orange flower in California

Photograph by Hollie Busbee

I love photography and love taking nature pictures.
Bee on white flowers in Boise, Idaho

Photograph by Susan Russell

Boise, Idaho
Spring comes a little later here in Boise, but when it does it is quite the buzz. I enjoy taking picture of flowers and the interaction with the insect world. Bees are a bit of a challenge to photograph but are well worth the effort.
Wetlands in Hong Kong

Photograph by Kathleen Kwan

Hong Kong
Wetlands should be a big part of our lives. We have destroyed so much of them. It is time we decide how much of nature we wish to keep for future generations to enjoy.
Lunch Creek and Pollock Mountain in Glacier National Park, Montana

Photograph by Gerald Blank

Glacier National Park, Montana
This photo of Lunch Creek and Pollock Mountain brings back wonderful memories of the hike my son and I took here in 2006.
Red rose in Toronto, Canada

Photograph by Mirell Lage

Toronto, Canada
My mom's favorite flower. Every year we add more roses to our small backyard, and it's well worth it.
Purple flowers in Willow Springs, North Carolina

Photograph by Hope Thompson

Willow Springs, North Carolina
I love this picture because purple is my favorite color!
Garden in Yountville, California

Photograph by Mary Keller

Yountville, California
While in Napa Valley, I set out to find Thomas Keller's famous restaurant, The French Laundry in Yountville. I found the restaurant, but it was his beautiful garden across the street that really caught my eye.
Orchid in Honolulu, Hawaii

Photograph by Mandolin Davis

Honolulu, Hawaii
This is an orchid photographed as a "bokeh," where everything except the orchid is out of focus. In the lower center, there is a part of the orchid that looks like a little face character. It reminded me of the talking flowers in the movie Alice in Wonderland. I may be an adult now, but the songs from the movie came rushing back. "You can learn a lot of things from the flowers ... especially in the month of June!"
Landscape in Monument Valley, Utah

Photograph by Millie Rowse

Monument Valley, Utah
Taken from Goulding's Lodge. Incredible scenery!
Red Mountains in Zion National Park, Utah

Photograph by Sheryl Whalen

Zion National Park, Utah
Hiking in the Red Mountains of Zion National Park and St. Georges, Utah, is a spiritual experience. There is an incredible energy in the area. Upon arrival, one can take a deep cleansing breath and feel the stress of life ease slightly. This photo is of the formation named Three Patriarchs. Mormons named most of the mountains in this region; therefore, many names are religious. The three pictured here are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Half-collared sunbird on Bird of Paradise flower in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Photograph by Rosie Dyer

Eastern Cape, South Africa
This beautiful half-collared sunbird was snapped sitting just outside the tent we were staying on at the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve on the Wild Coast of South Africa. The plant is called a strelitzia reginae, or it is perhaps better known as a bird of paradise. This particular sunbird would wake us up every morning by tapping on our window. We're not sure if it was him marking his territory or trying to attack his own reflection!
Sunrise in Riviera, Texas

Photograph by Deborah Cooper

Riviera, Texas
I never tire of watching a new sunrise: a new day, a new beginning.
Bozeman, Montana

Photograph by Suzie Mauro

Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, Montana
Beautiful sunset over the Bridger Mountains in big sky country.
Fungi in the woods of North Carolina

Photograph by Kay Raade

North Carolina
While fighting mosquitoes, heat and humidity, I just wanted to get back to the car. Then I saw these fungi on a dead log and started shooting from different angles. The heat, the mosquitoes and humidity were forgotten.
Flowers in Stamford, Connecticut

Photograph by Amanda Birnbaum

Stamford, Connecticut
This color just makes me think of springtime!
Blue skies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Photograph by Pamela D'silva

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Looking up at the sky is sometimes the best way to connect to reality.
Landscape of Yosemite National Park, California

Photograph by Elissa Salter

Yosemite National Park, California
I was laid off from my job last November, and I decided to take a couple days to just get away. I went to Yosemite and took a day to drive around the Yosemite Valley and just stop anywhere I wanted to take a photo—which was many stops because there are so many beautiful spots. I was reminded this day to enjoy the scenery along the way, not just getting there. A pretty basic lesson, but such a great reminder. Yosemite was my breath of fresh air.