Photograph by Holly Talbott

Victoria, Texas
Imagine your life as this colorful sunset on the coast!

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Sawtooth Mountains

Photograph by MJ Beckwith

Stanley, Idaho
The Sawtooth Mountains during winter are awesome and inspiring.

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Orange sunset

Photograph by Shauna Kenworthy

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
In the winter in Southern Alberta, we're blessed with Chinook winds that bring us warm air and beautiful sunsets. This one, in particular, was breathtaking!

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Pine tree

Photograph by Beth Taylor

New Plymouth, Idaho
During the winter, we tend to get lots of fog, which gets depressing after awhile. What really lifts my mood on those days is to wander around our property with my camera and look closely. It always amazes me to see beauty created by the fog freezing on every surface, and it always makes me smile!

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Emerald Lake

Photograph by Dianne Starzyk

Emerald Lake Lodge, British Columbia, Canada
One of the most beautiful places on earth.

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Photograph by Judy Barnes

Rupert, Idaho
These icicles are from our roof on a warm winter day. This photo took first prize at our county fair!

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Red barn

Photograph by Shauna Kenworthy

Rosebud, Alberta, Canada
One of my favorite winter photos: a picture I took of a wonderful old barn at a friend's farm near Rosebud, Alberta, Canada. It's part of the original homestead, so it represents a lot of history. Every time I look at it, it evokes a feeling of simplicity with great strength and a touch of country magic!

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Eagle River, Alaska

Photograph by Charlotte Shafer

Eagle River, Alaska
Enjoy the beauty of the frozen Eagle River.

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Mill stream

Photograph by Greta Joseph

Vassalboro, Maine
In the middle of Mill stream, just below what we call "Firehouse Falls," stands this persistent, once tiny, tree. For five years now, we have watched: slabs of winter ice, high waters of spring, trunks of ancient elders crashing by; yet, she stands, unbelievably, on a most unlikely island woven by her ancestors. She draws strength from history's grace and gifts. Once again, she wears the glittering shawl of this pristine holiday season.

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Photograph by Kamelia Sojlevska

Galichnik, Macedonia
The endless view from the little town Galichnik, located 1,500 meters above sea level.

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Photograph by David Chan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
We've looked at this view, in front of our beach house for the past two years. The beauty is breathtaking. It looks and feels like paradise. But paradise is also where the heart is, and that can simply be wherever you may be.

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Carpathian Mountains

Photograph by Vera Partem

The Carpathian Mountains are considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. A beautiful mix of natural areas, forests, meadows, shepherds and humans living in harmony with nature is what makes the mountains so unique!

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Blue Jay

Photograph by Laverne Roulette

Manitoba-Langruth, Canada
Just a photo of one of my pretty blue jays, who comes to eat from my feeders throughout the winter months.

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Country road

Photograph by Denise Doan

Princeton, Illinois
I thought it was such a beautiful winter day, so I grabbed my camera. It was so peaceful.

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Sledding dog

Photograph by Tracy Uihlein

Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, Montana
We had the privilege of dogsledding in Big Sky country last March. What an experience! Most of the dogs are pretty wound up before you take off (they are ready to run!). This one was completely unaffected by all the activity around him. In fact, he almost appeared to be meditating! One of the neatest parts of the experience was, once the dogs begin to run, they are absolutely silent and all you can hear is the wind rushing past your ears. It was so exhilarating.

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Ice crystals

Photograph by Kristen Hartnagel

Rockford, Michigan
Every once in a while, the frost seems to form crystals so large they become entities themselves instead of embellishments. On these rare days, I try not to miss out! Nothing is as it was the day before. Everywhere you look, there is enchantment, awe and wonder. Even though it feels as if these crystals are eager to form in your own nose and lungs, it is so worth it!

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Mountains and lake

Photograph by Belinda Wisdom

Witness the beauty of God's creation.

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Photograph by Charlotte Shafer

Anchor Point, Alaska
What a great start to a great day!

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Dog in woods

Photograph by Carol Cohen

Glenview, Illinois
Enjoying a walk in the woods with my best friend Kodie.

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Photograph by Janet Mansfield

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
We were driving down Arthurs Seat at sunset during winter. Had to pull over at a lookout, as you could tell there was something special about to happen. Many others had the same idea, and we were all madly clicking away with our cameras to capture the spectacular sight.

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