Sunflower in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photograph by Lisa Kloehn

The world is a picture that changes every second.
Field in Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Photograph by Michelle Billetta

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
A beautiful morning.
Bird in Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

Photograph by Brandi Ediss

A funny little green bird standing on one leg. Taken spring 2008 at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.
Blooms on plant in St. Paul, Minnesota

Photograph by Cheryl Schuh

St. Paul, Minnesota
Even before the blooms arrive, the garden has an array of colors to offer up.
Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu/Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photograph by Evelyn Escamilla

Abiquiu/Santa Fe, New Mexico
My husband, John, and I spent a day hiking at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. It is just a ways away from Taos, New Mexico, and is where Georgia O'Keefe spent much time painting some of her greatest works. This is one shot my husband, John, took as the sun was going down. We had a cheap little 3.2 megapixel camera and ended up taking some of the most beautiful pictures ever.
Flower in Inverell, Australia

Photograph by Karen Parr

Inverell, Australia
This is just too cute!
Rock Islands in The Republic of Palau

Photograph by Shauna Milton

Rock Islands, The Republic of Palau
We first visited these islands in May of 2008—remember the terrible typhoon that hit Burma that month? We were stranded on these islands during that terrible storm but lived to tell about it. Afterward, we flew over the islands and took some of the most amazing photographs as seen here. We fell in love with Palau and have been here since November. This particular set of islands in the photograph are called Seventy Islands and are a protected marine sanctuary.
Aquarium in Orlando, Florida

Photograph by Geneva Shen

Orlando, Florida
My husband took this photo at the aquarium in Walt Disney World in 2004.
Tree-lined road in Orem, Utah

Photograph by Karey Shane

Orem, Utah
Press forward on the path you've chosen with a full heart, one step at a time. Keep your focus before you, not to the side or behind. There is no other place on your path but where you are.
Rose garden in Kansas City, Missouri

Photograph by Leslie Wolfe

Kansas City, Missouri
In Kansas City, Missouri, some beautiful places to visit are the Laura Conyers Smith Rose Garden, Powell Gardens and Kauffman Memorial Garden. Powell Gardens is well known for its beautiful annual orchid and butterfly exhibits. I make greeting cards with my photography, and this gorgeous Double Delight is one of a dozen roses in a new series I make.
Northern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada

Photograph by Shirley Caldwell

Northern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada
When it comes to seasons, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The ice is breaking up, and spring is on the way.
Sky in South Haven, Kansas

Photograph by Lori Fair

South Haven, Kansas
I call this photograph "Prismatic Exhalations" because it reminds me of a beautiful old poem about Kansas and was, indeed, taken from my backyard in this lovely state.
Maple leaf in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Photograph by Ann Marie Pincivero

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
Often we take the beauty of the world for granted. We don't notice the small things. Finding true joy in life means paying attention to the magic and miracles that surround us every day. While hiking in Algonquin Provincial Park, I came across these maple leaves. The maple leaf is Canada's symbol on our flag. I'd seen it represented millions of times, but I don't think I'd ever really looked closely at one before to realize how intricately beautiful they are.
Sedona, Arizona

Photograph by Connie Hardy

Sedona, Arizona
When all the world seems hopeless, look toward the sky and know there will be peace after the storm and it will be okay.
Serengeti Plains, Tanzania

Photograph by Lori Beach

Serengeti Plains, Tanzania
This is sunset on the Serengeti Plains. A moment of feeling at one with all creation.
Dandelion in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Photograph by Shauna Kenworthy

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
I took this photo in my backyard in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. It brings back many fond childhood memories of dandelion seedlings floating on the wind. Make a wish!
The Monk and Nun rock in Espirito Santo, Brazil

Photograph by Karla Spinelli

Espirito Santo, Brazil
This is the famous "The Monk and Nun" rock in Brazil. These granite rocks are the legend of the story of a monk who came to Brazil with the mission to teach the Indians and fell in love with a nun. As the love between them was impossible, they were transformed into stone so that this love would perpetuate.

This one is located in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil, in the southeast area. It's beautiful!
Purple coneflower in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Canada

Photograph by Darlene Ruhs

Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Canada
This is what I believe to be the center of a purple coneflower, also known as echinacea, but please forgive me if I am wrong.

To be honest, when I captured this shot, I didn't really pay attention to where my lens was pointed—I was just "click happy." However, when I discovered the beauty of what I captured, I was amazed! Now each time I look at this image, I am reminded of the little treats Mother Nature has provided that we all too often don't see!
Meadow in Orem, Utah

Photograph by Karey Shane

Orem, Utah
Be hungry for truth. Be hungry for all that which is good.
Daylilies in Lutz, Florida

Photograph by Ashley Nyman

Lutz, Florida
Photo of daylilies with yellow background.