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Follow the Less Glamorous Road
Country superstar Reba McEntire started out in the business thinking that once you got on the radio you were rich, but the journey was not as luxurious as it has originally seemed.

"You're in pick-up trucks and U-Haul trailers, and I was converting a horse trailer into a trailer I could take my instruments and the equipment in, changing clothes in the horse trailer before we went on to perform; so it was a long road to get to that first number one record." And the day she found out her song "Can't Even Get the Blues" topped the charts, she was waiting for her broken down tour bus to be fixed at a bus barn in DeSoto, Texas. Once she got off the phone with her manager who told her the news, she called her mom and then got back on the road to her next small gig. "It was a long hard road to that number one record, but very well worth it—worth waiting for."