The Unsettling Source of Lynn's Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 110
CC | tv-pg
In the middle of the night, Ella and Curtis are woken by noises coming from the kids' bedroom. Ella immediately gets up to investigate, dragging a reluctant Curtis with her. "We too old for this," he grumbles as he shuffles over to the door.

Ella finds Lynn tossing and turning in her bed, screaming and kicking her feet. "She's having another nightmare," her brother Kenny explains. "She's been having a lot of them."

After waking Lynn up and calming her down, Ella gets to the bottom of her bad dream. "They were biting me," Lynn says.

"Who was biting you?" Ella asks.

"The rats."

In a heartbreaking admission, Lynn reveals how her mother's ex-boyfriend exploited her fear of rats as a terrorizing form of punishment.

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