Terrance and Curtis Argue in Front of the Customers

Season 1 Episode 137
Aired on 11/23/2018 | CC tv-pg
Even though the laundromat is bustling with customers, Terrance and Curtis can't seem to see eye to eye when it comes to who's in charge of what. "You help the customers on that side, and I'll help the customers on this side!" Curtis exclaims.

"Why you get the side with the better washers, though?" Terrance challenges.

"'Cause it's my place, though," Curtis says as he approaches Terrance.

"Well, it's my place too," Terrance responds, getting in Curtis' face.

"It was my uncle's place first," Curtis counters, stepping even closer to Terrance.

Realizing he has no comeback, a frustrated Terrance backs down. "You know what? Fine," he says, backing away with his hands up. "I can't deal with you!"

Seeing the brewing confrontation between the two men, Nyla rushes out to mediate, placing herself between them. "Who the hell are you with your hands on me?" Curtis yells at Nyla.
< br> "Okay, sorry, Mr. Curtis. Sorry," Nyla says. "But for real, what's going on?"

"Him!" Terrance and Curtis exclaim simultaneously.

Nyla tries to calm things down by mentioning that the customers are watching, but Ryan can't help but instigate. "Duh! No, they want to see the fight, too, between a giraffe and a bull," Ryan says, grinning and doing his best imitation of an angry, snorting bull. "I can get one of them little red shirts. Olé!"

"Are you done being not funny?" Curtis says flatly. "You about to get smashed by one of them."

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