Terrance Introduces Curtis and Ella to Social Media

Season 1 Episode 135
Aired on 11/09/2018 | CC tv-pg
Now that Curtis and Ella are officially in business with him, Terrance introduces his new partners to the power of social media. Knowing that Curtis has been struggling to attract customers to the laundromat, Terrance takes it upon himself to advertise it through his social media accounts. "Look, Mr. C, I was a club promoter in college. I got lots of friends on my page," Terrance says.

"On your page?" Curtis replies, confused.


"How do you have friends on a page?"

Terrance pulls out his phone and shows Curtis and Ella his profile. "See that number right there?" Terrance asks, pointing to the screen.

"Thirty-five thousand?" Ella replies, shocked.

"Yep. Thirty-five thousand friends on my wall, and with the push of a button, all my friends will know that I'm open for business," Terrance brags.

"Wow," Ella says, impressed. "That's really good."

"Yep. So now that they know that we're open and I'm involved? Oh yeah, they'll be here," Terrance says with confidence. "Give it around 24 hours."

"That soon?" Ella asks in disbelief.

"Yeah, Miss Ella, there's a lot of college kids that need to do laundry," Terrance says.

"My son never did his laundry," Curtis interjects. "He'd just bring it home, let Ella do it."

"Well, Mr. C, not every college kid has loving parents like—" Terrance pauses and turns toward Ella. "I mean a loving mother like you, miss."

Terrance ensures Curtis and Ella that advertising the laundromat on social media will work best for them. But Curtis isn't convinced. "Please," Curtis scoffs. "You don't know about no advertising."

Terrance counters, "Oh, and you do?"

"Yes. Did you see that boy running around out there?" Curtis says, referring to Ryan. "He's going to bring some people in this place, you heard?"

"Oh, he's gonna do that?" Terrance replies, unconvinced. "The brother who looks like he needs a cast?"

"Yeah, him," Curtis says, defiantly. "He is going to bring some people in here, you heard me? Not your little social media on the wall friends stuff."

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