Terrance Bares His Heart to Nyla

Season 1 Episode 138
Aired on 11/30/2018 | CC tv-pg
After a busy first day of business, Nyla and Terrance find themselves alone at the laundromat. Although everyone has told him that Nyla is not interested in him, Terrance sees an opportunity to get something off his chest. Terrance opens up about his deep feelings for her and recalls the connection he felt when they kissed. However, Nyla insists that she didn't feel the same way, and claims that she loves Kendrick.

Terrance isn't convinced. "Are you sure?" he asks her.

"You can ask me a million ways, and the answer will be the same thing. I will tell you the same thing," Nyla says. "I love him."

"Is it that you love him or what he can do for you?" Terrance counters.

Offended by his comment, Nyla takes a moment to answer. "Wow, that's—that's low."

Terrance says he understands why Nyla would want to be with a guy like Kendrick: He's wealthy and is able to provide her with things that Terrance wouldn't be able to. But Nyla sticks to her answer. "I know what he can do, Terrance," she says firmly. "But I love him."

Seeing that he struck a nerve, Terrance backs down. "All right. I won't say anything else," he says. "Sorry for asking you a real question."

"Well, you should be," Nyla says as she turns to leave. "It's insulting."

Realizing the magnitude of the situation, Terrance attempts to open his heart to Nyla one last time before she leaves. "It's just that I'm really into you, and I just...I just—"


"I want you to be mine, all right? I just want you to be mine."

As Nyla reiterates that a romantic relationship between them could never happen, Kendrick suddenly appears outside the laundromat and listens in on their conversation. Terrance asks Nyla why they couldn't be together, and Nyla drops a bombshell on him. "I'm pregnant, okay?"

Terrance keeps pressing. "You think just because you're pregnant with his baby that you have to stay with him?" he tells her.

The two go back and forth as Terrance earnestly expresses his love for Nyla—until Kendrick decides to walk in and put an end to the conversation.

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