Curtis Finds Out the Kids Broke His Train

Season 1 Episode 136
Aired on 11/16/2018 | CC tv-pg
Ella and the kids are enjoying their breakfast when an upset Curtis walks in. Right away, they sense that something is wrong. "What happened to you?" Kenny asks.

Curtis frowns and drops his model train on the table. "Which one of you did it?" Curtis asks, glaring at Kenny and Lynn.

Confused, Ella tries to get a word in, but Curtis is floored. "Baby, one of these little rugrats broke my train!"

Curtis is convinced that Kenny and Lynn are responsible for breaking his prized train, and when Ella asks Kenny and Lynn who did it, they point and blame each other. "I knew there was a reason why you guys were being so nice to me," Ella says.

The kids are saved when they hear the school bus outside and they rush off to go to school. "You've never been so happy to get to school, have you?" Ella yells after them.

But Curtis still wants Kenny and Lynn to pay for what they did to his train. "Ella, you just gonna let them little heathens run out of here with no consequences?"

Ella says that she will talk to Nyla about what happened, but that isn't enough for Curtis. "What the hell is she gonna do, hug 'em? Huh?" Curtis scoffs. "When did she ever do anything to discipline them? When she ever put any discipline in them?"

Curtis and Ella continue to go back and forth over the matter, until Ella strikes a nerve. "It does not matter, baby. They're kids, okay?” she says. “And your train is old."

Curtis gasps. "It's called an antique. Learn your terms, Ella."

Ella tells Curtis that he needs to get rid of the train regardless, but Curtis is quick to bite back. "You know what that makes me think?" he pauses. "If I got rid of everything old in my life, where would you be?"

"Oh, that's not nice! That's not nice. Over a train?" Ella says.

Curtis is unapologetic. "Feel the pain," he tells her. "Let it caress you."

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