Terrance Confronts Kendrick About Hitting Nyla

Season 1 Episode 130
Aired on 10/12/2018 | CC tv-pg
When Terrance learns the truth about Nyla's relationship with Kendrick, he is furious and returns to the Paynes' house to confront Kendrick about it. He finds Kendrick in the backyard with Nyla, who is surprised to see her unexpected visitor. Terrance wastes no time in asking Nyla whether Kendrick hits her.

Nyla tries to deflect and tells Terrance it isn't his business, but he's seeing red. "No, I want to know. Does he hit you?" Terrance asks, keeping an eye on Kendrick.

"What is wrong with you?" Nyla replies defensively. "I don't know you like that, okay? Don't ask—"

Terrance cuts her off and fixes his intensity on Kendrick. "No, you want to hit somebody? Why don't you come hit a man?"

After overhearing their confrontation escalate, Ella and JoAnn run out to the yard and try to defuse the situation. However, Terrance is ready to fight and removes his shirt to prove it. Then, something dawns on Kendrick, and he becomes suspicious of Terrance's passionate defense of Nyla. "Wait. Nyla, why is he defending you so hard?" he asks. "You and him?"

Nyla insists that she isn't interested in Terrance, but Kendrick isn't buying it. Terrance continues to provoke Kendrick, even though Nyla wants him to leave. Finally, Ella jumps in. "Terrance, this is my house and my yard, okay?" she tells him. "Now, you will not be doing this here. Put your little shirt on."

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