Nyla Questions JoAnn and Ella

Season 1 Episode 132
Aired on 10/19/2018 | CC
Nyla goes to JoAnn and Ella to find out who told Terrance that Kendrick hit her. When Nyla puts the question to the women, Ella looks over at JoAnn, who has a guilty look on her face. JoAnn tries to buy time by acting as if she didn't understand the question. "She asked, 'JoAnn, who said that Kendrick used to hit me?'" Ella says in a goofy voice, clearly exasperated by JoAnn's feigned ignorance.

Sensing that she's in trouble, JoAnn tries to leave. However, Nyla doesn't let her get away that easy. Nyla asks Ella and JoAnn a second time, and Ella answers that she wouldn't do that. "Yeah, I figured," Nyla says, shifting her focus to JoAnn. "Was it you, Miss JoAnn?"

JoAnn claims she didn't spill either, but the look on her face says it all. JoAnn says she's going to faint, clearly grasping at straws, and Ella finally reaches the end of her patience. "Just tell her," Ella says.

"Tell her? Tell her what?" JoAnn replies.

"That you told him Kendrick hits her," Ella shouts.

"Miss JoAnn," Nyla says, groaning and shaking her head.

JoAnn glares at Ella. "You a snitch!" she says through gritted teeth.

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