Curtis Gets the Wrong Idea About Terrance's Offer

Season 1 Episode 134
Aired on 11/02/2018 | CC tv-pg
Ella stops by the laundromat to talk to Curtis about Terrance's proposition. However, Curtis immediately assumes the worst. "Oh, God. Really? Really? I wonder what he wants, huh? What did he want? Let me guess. His money?" Curtis says. Flexing his muscles and lowering his voice in a crude imitation of Terrance, he adds, "I want my money."

Ella confirms that Terrance does want his money, and just when Curtis starts to get riled up, Ella tells him that Terrance proposed an idea. Curtis scoffs and crosses his arms. "That boy can't think of nothing. What'd he say?"

Ella informs Curtis that Terrance offered to pay off the investment, and Curtis changes his tune. However, Ella points out that there's more to Terrance's offer. "Okay, baby, he wants to pay off the investment in exchange for—"

But before she can finish, Curtis interjects. "Stop right there. You stop right there," Curtis says, turning toward Ella. "You go on and do whatever he tells you to do. You hear me?"


"Now, baby, look at me. You look at me," Curtis adds, leaning in. "Now, if I was a female, I'd do what I got to do."

Ella tries to get a word in, but Curtis continues. "I'm just saying, baby, you gets a pass," he tells her. "Now you go get that money."

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