Ella Confronts Curtis and Nyla

Season 1 Episode 128
Aired on 09/21/2018 | CC tv-pg
Ella comes downstairs to apologize to Curtis for picking on him during their conversation about his friendship with Nyla. To her surprise, she finds Curtis and Nyla sleeping next to each other on the couch. Waking them up, Ella sits between them and makes it clear that she isn't playing. "This is how much space I need between you and my husband," she tells Nyla. "At all times."

"Well, baby, I though you wanted us to be close," Curtis says.

Ella grunts and shakes her head. "Not that close," she tells him. "She too close, Curtis."

Understanding dawns on Nyla. "Now, Miss Ella," she says.

"Yes?" Ella replies.

"You know I don't want Mr. C, right?"

Curtis adds, "You know she's just like a daughter to me."

"I know that," Ella admits, calming down a bit. "Because if I thought something was going on, I'd have bust her across her head."

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