Ella Asks Nyla to Move In with the Paynes

Season 1 Episode 106
CC | tv-pg
When Ella meets Nyla, a victim of domestic abuse, she is immediately compelled to help the young woman and her two children, Kenny and Lynn. Nyla tries to assure Ella that her boyfriend, Kendrick, isn't a bad guy—but the bruises on her face tell a different story.

After an especially bad fight, Nyla defends herself by hitting Kendrick with a lamp and flees the apartment with her kids. Ella calls the police and is waiting for them to arrive when Nyla finds out that Kendrick is okay.

"He said that he was sorry, and he wanted us to come home," Nyla says. "I'm sorry, Miss Ella. I gotta go."

The last thing Ella wants is for Nyla to run back, with Kenny and Lynn in tow, to a dangerous situation. So, Ella makes her a generous offer. Will Nyla accept before Curtis can put a stop to it?

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