Curtis Tries to Quote the Bible

Season 1 Episode 105
CC | tv-pg
When the Paynes realize that Nyla's children may need a place to live, Ella doesn't hesitate to offer help. She may be ready and willing to open their new home to Kenny and Lynn, but Curtis has very different feelings. Risking life and limb, he tells Ella exactly why she can't take in two young kids.

"Ella, you are old," Curtis says.

If looks could kill, Curtis would be on the floor. "Excuse me?" Ella says.

Curtis fumbles over his words, trying to find the best way to explain himself. "Listen to me. There is a reason that God made it so women stop having babies after a certain age. I'm just saying; that's the Bible."

"I know you're not about to try to quote the Bible," Ella challenges.

Watch and listen as Curtis hilariously attempts to prove his misguided point with a passage from the Old Testament.

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