Curtis Thinks He's a Handyman

Season 1 Episode 111
CC | tv-pg
Curtis thinks he can repair the laundromat's broken machines all by himself, but Ella thinks they should hire a professional. So, when Curtis strolls into the kitchen—wearing a helmet with a headlamp, goggles and one glove—she's got some concerns.

"Curtis, what are you doing out there in that garage?" Ella asks.

"I'm just cleaning up and fixing a few things, few repairs," Curtis says.

"Well, why are you out there so long, Curtis, every day?"

"That garage is so dirty," he says. "Dirty, baby!"

While Ella isn't impressed with her husband, she's happy to know that he's cleaning up the garage so that she can finally park her car in it. There's just one problem: It's a one-car garage. Who will get the coveted spot?

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