Curtis Interrogates Kendrick

Season 1 Episode 127
Aired on 09/14/2018 | CC tv-pg
Upon his return home, Curtis sees Nyla talking to Kendrick, and he is not happy about it. Curtis interrupts the young couple's conversation and confronts Kendrick about pressuring Nyla into leaving her children home alone. "I got a question for you," Curtis asks him. "Did you have the mind to leave those kids here? By themselves?"

Kendrick stammers through an answer, testing Curtis' patience. "Answer the question," he demands after pretending to fall asleep.

"We had tickets to this poker game," Kendrick nervously answers—which doesn't sit well with Curtis. Kendrick attempts to explain that he and Nyla weren't supposed to be gone for a long time, but Curtis doesn't want to hear any of Kendrick's excuses.

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