Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

Candace and Benny get an unwanted visit from Lloyd Bowman—the man who handled Candace's loan for her properties. Working on behalf of Jim Cryer, Lloyd is there to collect the money Candace owes the bank, as a result of forging her brother Benny's signature on mortgage documents.

"This is very serious, Miss Young. I gave you a loan on good faith, and you forged your brother's signature," he tells Candace.

Benny tries to make a deal with Lloyd: his tow yard and house, if Candace can keep her home and stay out of jail. Unfortunately, Lloyd says to Benny, "That's not how it works...Because your sister has proven that she is not truthful, we cannot extend her credit."

Now, Benny and Candace have only two very bad options to choose from. As Mr. Bowman explains, "You have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. You come up with the money, or you sign over the properties for liquidation. And you have to vacate immediately, or the feds will come."

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Renee Lawless

When Katheryn visits her husband in his jail cell, tensions run high. Katheryn doesn't feel safe alone in the mansion, but Jim points out that there's a gun in their safe she should use to feel more secure. Katheryn tells Jim that she saw Wyatt in the hospital and he's on his way to a full recovery.

Katheryn is determined to get Wyatt's inheritance back under their control. Jim knows a judge named Margaret Preston who owes him a favor, and he believes they can convince her to help them. Once they secure the money, Katheryn wants to put Wyatt in rehab.

"Jennifer Sallison has it in for me. She's never going to let us get control of Wyatt." Jim says.

But Katheryn won't let anything stand in the way of her taking care of her son.

"I've seen that look in your eye. What are you gonna' do?" Jim asks her.

"You hire people to do your dirty work," Katheryn says. "Me? I get my hands dirty."
Presilah Nunez and Peter Parros

Erica plays the girl in distress with a flat tire to get David Harrington to help her. She succeeds in charming David and convincing him they come from the same home town. When they can't get the tire replaced, David plays right into her hands by offering her a ride. He also offers her his silk handkerchief to clean off her hands— a sign that he could be falling for her.

On the road, David opens up to Erica about how he's currently going through a divorce. As the two flirt and get to know one another, Erica advises David to be less rigid and have more fun. As David drops off Erica, he offers to give her a ride back to her hotel after her meeting. She plays hard to get and David seems hooked.
Shari Headly, Danielle Deadwyler, Tyler Lepley and Tika Sumpter

Benny and Candace meet with DA Jennifer Sallison ostensibly to try and get the warrant that's out on Hanna dropped, but they end up in a much more troubling situation.

Jennifer begins to question the siblings about the whereabouts of Quincy, after Quita brought accusations and evidence against Candace to her office. "She said you killed him in your house, and she can't find him," Jennifer tells Candace.

Benny looks worried, but Candace tries to spin the situation in their favor. "Well, that's something a crackhead would say," she tells the DA.

Jennifer leaves the office momentarily, during which time Candace and Benny agree that they need to get out of there. But, before they can plan their escape, Jennifer returns; this time, with Quita.

"Oh, that's her. That's her right there," says Quita, indicating Candace. "She the one who did something to my brother! Had a stain on the floor at her house. And his phone was there—I tracked it. Took a picture and everything, just like I showed you."

The DA questions Candace about the discoloration on the floor in the picture, and Candace admits that it is her house, but the stain belongs to the previous owner, as she continues to play it cool.

Jennifer escorts Quita out of the room, but asks Candace and Benny to stay put until she returns.

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Phillip Boyd and Peter Parros

David comes to Oscar for advice about Erica, a woman he continues to run into. There's something about her that David can't quite trust. Oscar, being a con artist himself, asks David about his interactions with the woman, so David tells him about the first time he saw her at the bar, crying after an argument with a man.

"Did you see her again?" Oscar asks.

"I saw her this morning. Her car had a flat tire," David tells him.

"Ah, red flag," says Oscar. David continues, telling Oscar that he tried to help her change the car tire, but the lug nuts were rusted, so he gave her a ride to work.

"Do you know where?" asks Oscar.

"Well, I know the name of the company," answers David. "It's Perrone, McCullough and Gilliam."

Oscar asks what the woman's name is, but David never got her name, nor did they exchange numbers. "I'm new at this," David explains to Oscar. Oscar, a professional con man, agrees to follow up on the woman who continues to run into David, as a precaution.

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Maree Cheatham

Officer Blake talks to Candace's neighbor, Pearl, hoping to gather enough evidence to serve Candace a search warrant. Pearl explains how she saw Quincy go into Candace's house, but never come out. She offers to show the officers the video she recorded of Quincy and the time stamped pictures she printed out. While Officer Blake's partner watches the video, he calls Jennifer Sallison, and informs her they have more than enough for to justify the search warrant.

Later, Officer Justin arrives outside Candace's house as the first officer on the scene. He calls Jeffery to tell him about the search warrant, and implores him to come clean about what’s really going on with Candace.

"Jeffery, you need to tell me now if there's something I need to know if I'm gonna' try to help you," Justin says.