Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

Candace answers the knock at her front door and finds herself face-to-face with a police officer. "I'm looking for Hanna Young," he explains to her.

Benny, who went straight to Candace's house when he saw a swarm of cop cars in front of his own house—and who then assumed the police must have found out about the murder of Quincy—is confused: "Wait, what do you want with my mother?" he asks.

The cop explains that they have a warrant for her arrest for the abduction of Quincy Jr.

"She kidnapped my son?" says Candace, clearly shocked and perturbed.

The cop asks Benny if Hanna could be at his house, but Benny tells him she most likely isn't there. "Would you mind coming with us to check?" the cop asks Benny, but Benny refuses to go with him stressing that, on second thought, he's sure she wouldn't be at his house.

The cop, realizing that Benny won't come with him easily, gives him two options: "We have a warrant, we can search the premises with or without you. It's a nice door."

Benny reluctantly agrees to let the cops into his home to keep it from being violently broken into. Before they leave, the cop asks Candace if the cops can search her house, as well, which sends Benny into a minor panic. "Hell no!" he yells at the cop, prompting Candace to take over.

"My name is Candace Young, I'm a third-year law student," Candace starts. "I'm the mother and legal guardian of Quincy. Now, why would I hide my own child in my house? Does that make any sense, officer?"

"Okay, then we don't have to look around," responds the cop. The officer has one more question for Candace before he leaves for Benny's: "Will she harm your child?"

To Benny's disappointment Candace replies, "Yes. Consider her dangerous."

"Is there any way we can get this dropped?" Benny asks the cop. "She's not going to hurt him." But the cop assures Benny that there's nothing they can do to stop the investigation. "It's not in the hands of the guardian," says the officer. "Kidnapping is a federal offense, now we need to find your mother. Can we go to your house now, please, sir?"

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Antoinette Robertson

When Jeffery arrives home at Veronica's house, Melissa is there to greet him. With Veronica watching them closely, Melissa tries to convince Jeffery to sleep with her. Melissa is desperate for money to help support her parents, as they become increasingly set back by the medical bills for her father's chemotherapy.

Jeffery finally agrees to go with her to the bedroom, but when Melissa attempts to put on a convincing performance for Veronica's benefit, Jeffery refuses to play along. Once Veronica leaves, Melissa turns to Jeffery, exasperated.

"Give me an option here, anything," Melissa says. "Can't you at least be nice to me?"

Jeffery is fed up with being manipulated and bullied, and he can't forgive Melissa for the part she's played in his mother's twisted game.
Renee Lawless

Mrs. Cryer is harboring Hanna, the fugitive, and Qunicy Jr. in her home. When a police officer comes to Katheryn's door looking for Hanna, Katheryn lies on her friend's behalf, saying that she has no idea where her former employee could be. The cop takes Mrs. Cryer at her word and promptly leaves the premises.

Katheryn quickly absconds upstairs, where Hanna and Quincy Jr. have been hiding out. The child is fast asleep as Hanna watches over him. "You are off your rocker," says Katheryn to Hanna. "Kidnapping him?"

"I had to," Hanna explains.

"Your daughter was going to put that precious thing in foster care?" Katheryn asks, in disbelief. Hanna quietly agrees with Katheryn that Candace has lost her way.

"I am sorry to bring this to you. I didn't know what else to do," apologizes Hanna. "I shouldn't have done this. You could get in so much trouble."

"It's alright...Have you been around here the last few weeks?" jokes Katheryn. "Hanna on the run. Now, that's funny," laughs Katheryn, heartily, until she can barely breathe. "I needed that laugh, I'm sorry."

Then Hanna segues back to a more critical topic: "You know I can't go see Wyatt today, right?"

"I know," Katheryn replies, somberly. Hanna tells Katheryn that she ought to visit her son in the hospital, and Katheryn actually agrees this time.

"Is he looking better?" Katheryn asks, to which Hanna replies that he is.

"Then I'll go," Katheryn insists. The worried mother admits to Hanna that she's scared of the reaction she'll have to seeing her son in a coma: "Hanna, I know who I'll be when I walk in that hospital. But I don't know who I'll be when I walk out."

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Porsha Ferguson

Zena approaches La Quita, hoping she'll forgive her, but La Quita refuses to let Zena off the hook. When one of Quincy's men discovers a wire on Zena, La Quita threatens to shoot her. Zena comes clean and admits that she's been working for Veronica Harrington. Quincy's men had broken into Veronica's house and retrieved the tapes Zena had given to her.

Now cornered and desperate, Zena explains how Veronica had Quincy released from jail, and how she was supposed to keep tabs on him. Veronica hoped that Quincy would take care of Candace for her. Quincy's men begin to suspect that Quincy might now be working for the DA.

La Quita is determined to find out where Quincy is, but Zena is a dead end. La Quita orders the men to dispose of the tapes—and of Zena.
Aaron O'Connell and Renee Lawless

Katheryn had avoided visiting Wyatt in the hospital because she knew her heart couldn't take seeing her son in a coma. After hearing he's getting better, she finally feels ready to see him. As she speaks to her son, a nurse walks into the room. "Is my baby going to be okay?" Katheryn asks the nurse.

"Oh, he is," she replies, and then updates Katheryn on his condition. "He's doing really well. We're keeping him heavily medicated. His seizures have subsided quite a bit. Every day, he gets better. He's lucky."

After the nurse leaves Katheryn alone with her son, she can finally have a heart-to-heart with her only living child. "You are lucky," she tells him. "That's why I named you Wyatt—my lucky wild, wild West baby boy that went into labor early, in Wyoming, on a ski trip. You came out fighting, and you're still fighting. You have to do everything on your own terms, even your entry into this world."

Although Wyatt is asleep, Katheryn knows her son can hear her, so she speaks from her heart. "I wasn't holding your inheritance to hurt you," she explains. "I was holding it to keep you from hurting yourself. I love you. All I ever wanted was to love you, and for you to love me."

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Angela Robinson and Phillip Boyd

Oscar goes to see David at the campaign headquarters, asking for help after he discovers that someone has been tracking him. Their conversation is interrupted by Veronica's arrival. Veronica is wearing a blonde wig as another ploy, hoping to unsettle David by reminding him of Maggie. David orders her out of his office, but Veronica doesn't move.

"On the day of our son's engagement, you file divorce papers." She says.

He hands her another legal document—a restraining order he's filing against her for both himself and Jeffery. David explains that it's as much for her protection as it is for their son's.

"If you keep pushing that boy, he's going to kill you," David says. "I can assure you of that."