Peter Parros

David confronts Benny at the tow yard where the men get into a brawl; one that could have turned out much worse if someone had pulled the trigger on the gun. After the fight, Benny goes inside to cool off while Mitch takes that moment to intervene, telling David he needs to get their telephones working A.S.A.P. if he doesn't want any trouble.

David disregards Mitch's seemingly empty threat until he gets in his car to leave and answers a phone call from an unknown number. Someone named "Mama Rose" begins a cryptic conversation with David: "I know you don't know that kid. Quite handsome, isn't he?"

Confused David asks the caller whom he's referring to.

"Him! The one in front of you," says the stranger.

"Are you watching me?" David asks.

"We're behind you," the voice answers. David looks behind him and sees no one in sight. Soon the voice on the phone fills David in on the purpose of the phone call. "His name is Mitch....Mitch Malone, as in a Malone, as in my Malone, as in my grandson. That's my grandson!" says Mama Rose.

As it turns out Mitch is the grandson of the notorious leader of the local mob. "He wants nothing to do with the business," continues the gangster. "He's trying to walk the straight and narrow. Get their phones back on, and leave them alone!" demands Mama Rose and David carefully complies; not wanting to become an enemy of the powerful Malones.

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Tika Sumpter

Candace plans her revenge against David after learning that he was the one who sent Oscar to steal her money. Erica calls Candace for advice on how best to put the plan into motion. Candace suggests that she go to David's favorite bar in her attempt to seduce him. Erica asks what might pique David's interest.

"He loves a damsel in distress," Candace says. "Cry. Have a man make you cry."

Candace doesn't think David would be forward enough to buy Erica a drink, but he might come to her rescue with a handkerchief. Candace also notes that he likes southern charm, and tells Erica to wear yellow in their second date.

"That's how you hook 'em," she says.
Tika Sumpter and Crysal Fox

Hanna repeatedly calls Candace, hoping to convince her to pick up Quincy Jr. before he's sent to foster care. Hanna goes to confront her daughter, but runs into her nosy neighbor instead, who shows her a picture of Quincy going into Candace's house.

Candace arrives, and Hanna begs her to do the right thing for her son.

"Give him to me! Don't let him go into the system!" she pleads.

Hanna says she'll do anything if Candace agrees, and offers her what little money she has left.

"This won't even buy me a purse," Candace says with disdain. "I want more."

She throws the money back in her mother's face and orders her to leave, but before Hanna does, Candace has a second thought. If Hanna agrees to convince Benny to sue the Cryers, she will release Quincy Jr. to her. But Hanna refuses to manipulate Benny on Candace's behalf. Hanna is appalled that Candace would go this far, and finally decides to gives up on her daughter completely.
Peter Parros and Presilah Nunez

Erica is helping Candace retrieve her money from the cunning swindler Oscar by trying to get information from his boss: David. Erica and Candace believe the best course of action would be for Erica to play the damsel in distress in order to get to David's hopelessly romantic heart. Erica employs the help of her male friend, Lee, to play the part of a lying cheater who breaks her heart, at the bar, in front of David to get her prey's attention.

"You ready?" Erica asks him as David approaches.

"Yeah," replies her fake lover.

The two begin their fraudulent fight when Erica accuses the man of cheating on his wife with her. "You lied to me all this time," she tells him tearfully, adding, "I never want to see you again!"

When Lee walks out on Erica, she sobs dramatically to herself, hoping it will rouse the chivalrous instincts of David; and, it works.

David walks over and offers the slighted woman his napkin, but Erica refuses, telling him angrily, "I don't need your damn napkin," before walking away.

She surreptitiously calls Candace to ask what her next move should be. "Should I go back?" she asks her.

"Not tonight—he scares easily. Go back tomorrow and apologize. You did enough for today."

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Jon Chaffin

"I've amended my will," Katheryn says to Hanna, her long-term employee and confidante. "I just want you to read this."

"Are you dying and I don't know it? Is it cancer?" asks Hanna, alarmed and worried that something very serious has happened to Mrs. Cryer's health that caused her to change her will.

"No, I'm fine," Katheryn reassures her. "We should all be prepared...don't you have a will?"

Hanna responds by telling her former employer that she has no will because she has nothing to will.

"Well, you'll need one after this," Katheryn tells Hanna, handing her the document.

Hanna reads the relevant paragraph and looks up in disbelief. "You're leaving me five million dollars?" she asks Katheryn incredulously. Mrs. Cryer confirms that she is, making sure to add, "and don't tell me you don't accept." Of course, Hanna, being the humble woman she is, tells her she won't accept.

"Hanna, no one in my life has been the kind of rock that you have been for me. You will accept this," Katheryn demands.

"I think this is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me," Hanna admits. "But, this is one of those things that I hope it takes a long time to get."

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Crystal Fox

Jeffery visits Candace, and the two comfort each other after all they've been through recently. He realizes that Candace has been crying and asks her what's bothering her. Candace confides in Jeffery about Quincy Jr. She's afraid to bring her son to her house with his father buried in the backyard, and she refuses to leave him in Hanna's care. Jeffery tries to convince her that Hanna might be what's best for him.

"I spoke to your mother and she walks in kindness," says Jeffery.

"Yeah, with everybody but me," Candace says.

Her mind is made up. Candace plans to give her son up for adoption.

"I'm so messed up, Jeffery," Candace says, "and I’m so broken."

At the hospital, Hanna, desperately worried for her grandson's welfare, steals away with Quincy Jr.