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When Candace finds out that Mitch planted drugs in War's car, she knows she's in big trouble and that War is going to come after her. Mitch insists that he took care of it, with the help of his formidable familial connections. But Candace knows better.

"Stay out of things when I tell you I have it handled," she tells him.

Mitch insists that War will be locked up for the foreseeable future, considering the amount of drugs he planted on him.

"He doesn't need to be out to get me!" Candace says. "Just stop it. Right here, right now."

After Oscar shows up, Candace orders Mitch to leave. She explains the situation with War to Erica, knowing she'll have to be extra vigilant from now on. For now, Candace wants to follow Oscar, hoping to retrieve her money and pay the mortgage before Benny finds outs.
Gavin Houston and Crystal Fox

Hanna runs into Jeffery at the hospital, where a series of misfortunes has landed both Wyatt and Veronica. Hanna witnessed the way Veronica derided her own son, causing him to pick up a paring knife and stab her in the chest, and is now worried about Jeffery's emotional well-being.

"Do you pray?" she asks him, but Jeffery admits that he never went to church as a child.

"I'm not talking about church, I'm talking about praying," Hanna answers him. "I'm talking about talking to God, going to him about all things."

Jeffery tells her that he doesn't pray, so Hanna gives him her personal phone number in case he should ever need someone to talk to. She also makes him promise that, despite Veronica being the "hellcat" she is, he will never allow himself to become violent toward her again, because she's still his mother, after all.

Jeffery nods in compliance, but he's worried about one thing. "Hanna, you know I'm gay," he tells her, adding "and, I know you're a Christian. I've gotten a lot of people just condemning my life and judging my life."

Hanna assures Jeffery that she's not offering her help in order to condemn his life. "Hear me and hear me good: I am not the kind of Christian who lives my life pretending that I've got room to judge anybody else's truth," she clarifies. "All I've got to say about any of that is the way your mamma treated you is a shame...and the God I know wouldn't want anybody treated like that."

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Gavin Houston and Angela Robinson

Veronica finds her son, Jeffery, at Wyatt's bedside at the hospital, where the young man remains in a coma. "Look at you, protecting your man," she chides Jeffery.

Jeffery gets angry and stands protectively in front of Wyatt. "I see that crazy look in your eye again," Veronica tells her son—referring to the look Jeffery had when he stabbed her in the chest.

Jeffery tries to assert himself as a danger to his mother, but Veronica isn't having it and insists that he come to her house the following day, so they can pick up where they left off, at his engagement party. Jeffery refuses to go along with her plan to control his love life.

"You will be at my house tomorrow at dinner, or the police will be at Candace's house with a search warrant," Veronica warns Jeffery. She then goes on to threaten him even further, this time with physical violence. "If you ever raise your hand at me in any way again, I swear on my dead father's grave and all of my stillborn children that what Quincy did to you will be a walk in the park compared to your next visitor."

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Presilah Nunez

While spying on Oscar, Candace sees that he's meeting with David Harrington. She puts two and two together and realizes that it was David who set her up with Oscar.

"He said he would send someone after me like a thief in the night...slowly," Candace recalls.

Candace starts plotting to use Erica to get back at David. She knows he's now vulnerable, as he struggles to control Veronica and cope with Maggie's death. Erica agrees, but only if she can take him for all he's worth in the process.

"I want you to get to his heart," Candace says. "I want him to fall madly in love with you"
Crystal Fox

Hanna finds out that her grandson is still at the hospital. When she goes to visit him, Quincy Jr. anxiously wants to go home with his grandma. After speaking privately with the nurse, Hanna learns that Quincy Jr. has been at the hospital for three days. Hanna wants to take her grandson home, but the nurse won't release him to anyone other than his legal guardian—Candace. If she doesn't come to pick him up by the next day, the nurse says he'll be placed in foster care. Hanna wants to say good-bye, afraid that Quincy Jr. will think she's abandoned him, but the nurse can't allow it. Hanna plans to call Candace and attempt to convince her to retrieve Quincy Jr. before it's too late.
Jon Chaffin

When war gets framed with drugs in his car, and pulled over by cops, he gets arrested and thrown in a jail cell that happens to be adjacent to Jim Cryer's cell. Amused by this twist of fate, Jim begins to taunt War for working with Candace against him, in the past, rather than with Jim.

"I gave you chance after chance to help me before that bitch extorted 7.4 million dollars from me," Jim tells War.

When War hears how much money Candace extorted from Jim, he loses his cool, realizing that she lied to him twice about total sum she got from him. War begins to angrily yell and act out, muttering over and over again, to himself, that this time he's going to kill her.

"You done with your little tirade?" Jim asks War.

"No," he answers. "You wait 'til I get my hands on that bitch. She is dead!" he yells.

Jim isn't surprised at all that Candace lied to War, explaining, "Of course she lied to you, she thinks she's the smartest person in any room she's in. That's what she does," before encouraging War to do her in. "Do us both a favor," Jim says to him.

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