Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless

Katheryn is overcome with grief after learning of Wyatt's overdose. Hanna does her best to console her old friend, who can't accept that she's lost her last remaining child. Katheryn begins to question her decision to cover up Wyatt's hit-and-run, wondering if she and Jim are responsible for Wyatt's death. Hanna encourages her to rest, but Katheryn feels hopelessly guilty and believes she's suffering now because of her own mistakes.

"I don’t think God took your children to punish you," Hanna tells her. "But I do know that what's sown has a reaping day coming."

Katheryn is grateful that Hanna came to support her despite everything Katheryn's put her and her family through. She asks one final favor of her friend: She wants Hanna to tell Jim about Wyatt's overdose. Hanna refuses, but Katheryn begs her desperately, as she can't bring herself to do it, and there's no one else who can.

"I have no strength, Hanna. I can't," Katheryn says. "You represent compassion, Hanna. Jim knows it. He sees it in your eyes...just like I do."
Brett Davis and Tika Sumpter

As Candace is leaving her house, she runs into Mitch, who is anxious to know what trouble she's in after witnessing what happened between her with Warlock at the tow yard. At first, Candace dodges his questions, but when Mitch says he'll tell Benny if she doesn’t confide in him, she finally admits that she owes Warlock money. Mitch offers to help her, but she doesn't want to involve him. Mitch asks Candace if Warlock has been raping her, but she insists that he hasn’t and that she has the situation under control. Mitch finally relents and agrees not to tell Benny or to push the issue further. But once he's alone in his car, Mitch makes a phone call to one of his shady connections and plots to get rid of Warlock for good.
Tika Sumpter

Candace is at the bank, trying to convince the loan officer, Lloyd Bowman, to bypass the waiting period and immediately give her the millions she needs to pay off Warlock. Luckily for Candace, the banker has been agreeable enough to expedite the large cash sum that Candace needs to save her brother's life.

Just then, Warlock sends Candace a live video feed of himself sitting across from Benny at the tow yard. It's clear that Benny has no idea that Warlock is brandishing a gun and is prepared to shoot him if Candace fails to come through with his money.

Candace calls Warlock in a panic. When he answers, she asks Mr. Bowman to get on the line and confirm that the money is on its way. The banker does as Candace asks, but Warlock only seems to grow more aggravated, unsure whether Candace has said too much.

To prove that the banker knows nothing about the ransom situation, Candace takes back her phone and talks to Warlock in a casual tone, fabricating a fantastic (and less sordid) story to explain their need to have so much money so quickly: They're headed to Las Vegas, and Warlock, whom she calls Baby, has a plane waiting to take off on the tarmac, ready to sweep the couple off to Sin City and to a big prizefight that War is promoting.

"I'm on my way, Baby," Candace says into the phone. "Just hold on, okay?"

Warlock hangs up the phone, and Benny, who has overheard Warlock's side of the conversation, wants to know what all the drama's about. "You got one of them tricks acting up, huh?" Benny asks.

With a malevolent look on his face, Warlock plays along.

"Better put your foot down, bro," Benny says with a chuckle, completely unaware of the mortal threat the man sitting across from him poses.

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Gavin Houston

After Jeffery and Justin have another tryst, Jeffery hopes to share a tender moment with him, but Justin demands that Jeffery uncuff him at once. Jeffery relents, but Justin senses his lover's frustration. Justin reminds him that they can never discuss their intimacy outside of Jeffery's hotel room, and continues to insist that he isn't gay. Jeffery, fed up with Justin's denial, decides to end their affair.

"You're a sick man," he says bitterly. "I don't even want to talk to you. Just go."

Jeffery purposely provokes Justin, who puts him in a choke hold, but Jeffery is unfazed. Justin quickly releases Jeffery and finally leaves the hotel room.
Gavin Houston and Angela Robinson

Although Jeffery has come out to his parents as gay, his mother, Veronica, refuses to accept her son's sexual orientation. She will do whatever it takes to force Jeffery into a heterosexual marriage in order to keep up appearances, even at the cost of her son's own well-being.

Jeffery's arranged bride, Melissa, arrives for dinner at his mother's home. Veronica has been manipulating the woman by being financially supportive of her in an attempt to have her as a daughter-in-law. "Did you get my check?" she asks the young woman, whose father had fallen gravely ill and needed money for treatment. "I hope it helps," Veronica adds, feigning compassion.

Veronica then forces Jeffery to behave romantically toward Melissa, even going so far as to demand that Jeffery kiss his "bride-to-be," which he does, though not to his manipulative mother's satisfaction. "You can do better than that, son," she tells him. When his second attempt falls short, she adds, "Well, we'll work on that."

Veronica then has Jeffery take Melissa upstairs to show her where Veronica plans to have the couple sleep. "Don't forget your box," she adds, referring to the engagement ring she bought to further her sadistic and controlling plan to have the cornered couple wed.

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Crystal Fox

Despite her fraught relationship with her former employers, Hanna finds the sympathy to do Katheryn a huge favor: She will inform Katheryn's husband, Jim, of their son's death. When Hanna meets Jim in the holding room at the jail where he has been locked up, Jim believes that Hanna is there to chastise him for his many transgressions.

"It's about Wyatt," she says to him solemnly.

"You're going to come here, and you're going to call me a demon again, wave your arms around and say you're going to pray for me?" Jim says defiantly, galled by Hanna's righteous attitude.

Jim continues to berate Hanna, guessing at the purpose of her visit. She tells him over and over again to just stop it, tears welling up in her eyes, but Jim isn't done spitting bile at her.

"Is it because Hanna wants to serve Jim Cryer a lawsuit all by her little self?" Jim asks, his eyes flashing with contempt.

Finally, Jim allows Hanna to say her piece, prompting her by adding, "What the hell do you want?"

"I am here at the request of your wife to tell you that your son has been..." she begins, but she suddenly can't find any more words.

"What? To tell me my son has been what?" Jim asks mockingly.

"He died," Hanna says evenly.

"What?" Jim says, stunned.

"She couldn't tell you herself, and she didn't want you to hear it from anyone else."

"What are you saying to me, Hanna?" Jim says, desperation flooding into his voice.

"He OD'd."


"I'm sorry, Mr. Cryer."

Hanna's words land on Jim like a ton of bricks, threatening to crush him under the awful weight of their meaning: Jim's son, his only remaining child, is dead.

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