Shari Headley

After learning of Wyatt's death, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison is overcome with guilt. She regrets helping Wyatt obtain his inheritance and feels responsible for his overdose and death. Her colleague Blake attempts to reassure her, reminding her that she followed protocol, and telling her that she shouldn't blame herself.

"But the Cryers will," she says. "I gave him the money, Blake. That's like putting the drugs in his hands."

Blake emphasizes the fact that she is not directly responsible, which Jennifer begins to accept. Blake asks whether she plans to inform the Cryers herself.

"I can't do that. I can't even look at them," Jennifer tells him.

Blake offers to tell Wyatt's parents the terrible news, and plans to check in on Jennifer afterward. Jennifer insists that she is fine, but Blake knows she's still struggling.
Tyler Lepley, Crystal Fox and Maree Cheatham

Hanna storms over to Candace's house in the dead of night to confront her spiteful daughter about putting Quincy Jr. in foster care rather than allowing Hanna to look after him. When Hanna gets to her daughter's home, Miss Pearl, Candace's nosy neighbor, intervenes in an argument Hanna is having with Benny.

After Pearl demands that Benny move his illegally parked car, she starts a conversation with Hanna about the suspicious goings-on at Candace's residence. "You know, I did see a man go in there, and he never did come out," Pearl says.

"Is that right?" Hanna says.

The nosy neighbor goes on to describe a man who sounds a lot like Quincy. "He had a terrible presence. It was evil. He was really scary."

Hanna begins to suspect that Quincy paid an unwelcome visit to Candace. As it turns out, Pearl may be able to help Hanna determine the identity of the man who never came back out of Candace's house.

"I have a lot of cameras around here, and they're on her house," Pearl tells Hanna. She even informs Hanna that she printed out an image of the missing man from her surveillance video as part of her own personal investigation into Candace's suspected wrongdoings.

Pearl tells Hanna to warn her daughter that she is being watched and would be wise to leave her neighbor alone. "Did I tell you I have a lot of policemen in my family?" she says.

Pearl then offers Hanna an opportunity to look at the picture of Candace's strange and unpleasant visitor, but only if she promises not to show it to the man leaning against his car across the street. When Hanna reveals that the man is her son, Pearl appears to be scandalized before retreating to her home, leaving Hanna and Benny to their own business.

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Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

After her encounter with Pearl, Hanna is increasingly suspicious of Candace. When Hanna and Benny return home, she ponders her misgivings with Benny. Why did Pearl see Quincy go into Candace's house, and why didn't he come out? Benny knows the truth, but he tries to throw his mother off the scent.

Hanna presses on, wondering why Candace would let Quincy into the house in the first place. Benny tries to convince her to let it go, but this only deepens her suspicions about Candace and Benny.

Hanna is convinced he's hiding something, and she questions him about his involvement with Veronica. Benny maintains that his affair with her is over, and Hanna hopes, for his sake, that Benny is telling the truth.

"You are in the middle of fire if you are still messing around with that woman," she tells Benny. "She'll stoop to anything."

Finally, it occurs to Hanna that Candace might have rid herself of Quincy for good. Benny successfully persuades her against this notion. However, Hanna continues to speculate, worrying about Quincy Jr. and whether Candace might have given her son up to Quincy.
Tika Sumpter

An encounter with Candace's nosy neighbor makes it clear to Benny that she knows more about Quincy's murder than he originally thought. He calls Candace on the phone and tells her they need to come up with a new plan to cover their tracks.

"I know she was watching everything," Benny says.

"I've got to find out what she knows," Candace says, but Benny is worried his sister is going to do something rash that could get them in even more trouble.

The siblings realize that keeping Quincy's body buried in Candace's backyard is much too risky; they'll need to find a way to get it out of there.

"Surely he smells. We can't move him," Candace says. "We have to wait."

"Well, for how long?" Benny asks.

"Until he stops smelling."

"How long is that going to take?" Benny says, losing patience. He offers to look up facts on decomposing bodies at the library—so as not to leave a digital trail on his own devices—but Candace tells her brother that she'll take care of it. When Benny starts asking Candace for details, she refuses to give him a clear answer.

"Well, what are you going to do?" he asks.

"What I know how to do."

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John Schneider

David arrives at the jail to see Jim. Jim confesses that he put a hit out on David's wife, but David suspects that Jim called it off. Jim finally admits that he did, but he staunchly insists that he didn’t do it out of fear of David fulfilling his threats.

"I know that it wasn't out of fear. So why?" David says.

"When I saw the look on your face and how you protect that wife of yours, all I could see was the look on my face when I think of Amanda," Jim tells him.

David reveals Maggie's death to Jim and how he suspects Veronica's complicity. Jim warns his old friend that if he isn't careful, he may be next, but David is fed up with Veronica's manipulations and plans to file for divorce. Jim asks David whether he loved Maggie, and David says he didn't. David apologizes to Jim for the fight, and the two men agree to be "frenemies."
Renee Lawless

The moment Katheryn has been dreading arrives in the dead of night: She receives an urgent phone call from an unknown number. Fearing the worst for her drug-addicted son, Wyatt, who has been on the lam, Katheryn refuses to answer the call.

She immediately calls Hanna in hysterics because, in her gut, she knows what the phone call was regarding. Hanna offers to call the number for Katheryn to find out what the midnight disturbance was about, and she discovers that Katheryn's gut instinct was right. Although the officials won't reveal the specifics of Wyatt's condition to Hanna, she can tell it isn't good.

Hanna offers to accompany the man tasked with notifying Wyatt's family. "Is it bad?" Hanna says.

"I'm afraid so," the man says soberly.

"She's not going to take this well," Hanna tells him.

Just then, Katheryn descends down her staircase in her robe, stopping midway. Misery is written on her tear-streaked face. "I don't want you here," she tells the man. "You were here when my daughter died. Why are you here?"

"Ma'am, I'm sorry," the man says quietly.

"Is my son dead? Is he?" she says, her voice shaking. "Is my son dead?"

"Yes, ma'am, he is."

Katheryn lets loose an agonized scream, and just like that, she must face the horror of burying her remaining child.

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