John Schneider

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David arrives at the jail to see Jim. Jim confesses that he put a hit out on David's wife, but David suspects that Jim called it off. Jim finally admits that he did, but he staunchly insists that he didn’t do it out of fear of David fulfilling his threats.

"I know that it wasn't out of fear. So why?" David says.

"When I saw the look on your face and how you protect that wife of yours, all I could see was the look on my face when I think of Amanda," Jim tells him.

David reveals Maggie's death to Jim and how he suspects Veronica's complicity. Jim warns his old friend that if he isn't careful, he may be next, but David is fed up with Veronica's manipulations and plans to file for divorce. Jim asks David whether he loved Maggie, and David says he didn't. David apologizes to Jim for the fight, and the two men agree to be "frenemies."