Gavin Houston and Nicholas James

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"I have a demon that is on my back, and I think you're just the devil to chase them away," Jeffery tells Officer Justin after persuading him to meet him in his hotel room. He hopes to convince Justin to help him put a stop to his mother's evil machinations.

Jeffery offers Justin a drink and then attempts to seduce him. Justin is resistant at first, but eventually he gives in. After making love, Jeffery leaves Justin handcuffed to the bed, despite Justin's insistence that he be released and that he isn’t gay. Jeffery refuses to uncuff Justin until he can admit who he really is and agrees to help him take down Angela. Knowing that Justin might take out his anger on him if he were to let him go, Jeffery leaves him alone in the hotel room with the key to the handcuffs just out of reach.

"I just don’t trust you," Jeffery tells him. "When you can calm down and admit that you enjoyed it—and you're ready to help me take down my mother—call me."