Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

Hanna and Katheryn watch in disbelief as flames engulf Hanna's house. A detective approaches Hanna, who is devastated by the loss of her home, in the hopes of gleaning more information into who could be responsible for this possible arson. At first, he suspects that Hanna may have set her house ablaze as insurance fraud. However, Hanna reveals to the officer and Katheryn that she let her insurance lapse just a few weeks earlier to help with Benny's hospital bills.

"You have any idea who would want to do this?" the detective asks. Hanna says she doesn't know who could be capable of such a thing.

Benny arrives at the scene and, like his mother, is beside himself with emotion. Unlike Hannah, though, he knows for certain who's behind the crime: Quincy.

Katheryn offers to have Hanna stay at the Cryer mansion for a while, but Hanna refuses the charity. Benny then demands that she come home with him, despite her steadfast refusal to stay in his new house that she just doesn't feel right in.
Angela Robinson and Allison McAtee

After failing to convince David to run for governor, Maggie turns to Veronica, hoping to garner her support. Veronica nearly slams the door in her face, but Maggie gets her attention when she shows her the photos she has of Veronica and Benny in compromising positions. Maggie admits to having her followed, but she maintains that she hasn't told David yet. She wants Veronica to persuade David to run for office at the top of ticket, but Veronica is suspicious of Maggie's motives and threatens her life.

"There's more to it than that. You want to be first lady, don't you?" she sneers.

Veronica believes that Maggie and her husband have been having an affair, and she blames her for their estrangement. Maggie admits to being powerfully attracted to David, but she also assures Veronica that he only has feelings for his wife. A visibly shaken Veronica orders Maggie to leave. Maggie says she will, but first she wants Veronica to know something: She didn't sleep with David.

"He stopped. He said that no matter how angry he was with you, that he couldn't because he loved you so much," Maggie says.

Before making her exit, Maggie fires a parting shot, warning Veronica that she will get her chance with David if Veronica continues to be so vindictive and keeps pushing him away. After Maggie leaves, Veronica collapses to the floor in tears.

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Aaron O'Connell and Renee Lawless

Wyatt receives an opportune phone call from the district attorney, who offers him zero prison time and judicial immunity in exchange for testimony against the Harringtons and his parents. At first, Wyatt refuses to throw his own parents under the bus, but knowing that Wyatt feels betrayed and vulnerable following the prison assault, the DA tries selling him on revenge. She tells Wyatt that his father and Veronica were responsible for letting a dangerous inmate into his cell to sexually violate him—as a way of teaching him a lesson. The experience seared in his mind, Wyatt decides to listen to what the DA has to say.

Shortly thereafter, Wyatt gets a second phone call. It's Jeffery, who tells him of spotting the missing hit-and-run vehicle while at Benny's tow yard.
Allyah and Candace in waiting room

Jeffery accompanies Candace to the hospital where her son, Quincy Jr., has been staying. Allyah, the social worker in charge of Candace's custody case, approaches her about having difficulty verifying her financial standing. Candace pulls up the account information on her phone, and, for the moment, Allyah is satisfied.

Looking around, Candace notices an abnormally large police presence at the hospital, and she asks Allyah what's going on. Allyah tells her that Quincy made a surprise appearance at the hospital and behaved threateningly.

"He's pretty scary," Allyah says to Candace, who is well aware of just how scary Quincy can be. Candace asks where Quincy is now, and finds out he was never apprehended by the police—meaning he could be anywhere.

The police are stationed to protect Quincy Jr., but Candace is worried about what Quincy is capable of on the loose, and she's beginning to feel like a vulnerable target. As she begins to panic, Candace tells Allyah she can't stay to visit her son, who has been asking for her, and leaves abruptly. Allyah and another social worker interpret Candace's behavior as a sign of neglect, and think the child would be much better off under Hanna's guardianship.
Eva Tamargo and John Schneider

Jim shows up at Celine's house and tells her that he wants her and that he still loves her. However, after making love to Celine, he reveals that he did so solely out of his desire for revenge.

"I never loved you, Celine. Never! I don't love you now. I didn't love you then," Jim says gleefully.

Jim tears Celine down with callous disdain, unleashing insult after insult, and reminds her that he paid for her house.

"You are one of the lowest people I have ever met," Jim says.

Then, twisting the knife, he informs her that although he's arranging for child support for their son, he'll be using his judicial powers to ensure they receive the bare minimum.

"Now we're even," Jim whispers in her ear before turning to leave.

"Oh, no, we're not. We are not even!" Celine shouts in desperation as Jim walks out on her for the last time.

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Tyler Lepley

At Benny's new house, Benny tries to comfort Hanna as she struggles with the destruction of her home. Hanna turns her wrath toward Candace, blaming her for all their misfortunes. She begins to suspect that Candace was behind the fire, destroying Hanna's home in an attempt to prevent her mother from gaining custody of Quincy Jr. Benny can't believe that Candace would ever go that far, and steadfastly defends his sister.

Hanna starts to connect all the dots, realizing that Candace was the one who bought Benny the lavish new house. She is furious with him for keeping the truth from her, but Benny continues to make excuses for Candace. Hanna knows Candace doesn't have a job and didn't get the house through legitimate means, and even Benny admits to finding out that Candace is unemployed. Still, he doesn't want to believe that she lied about the house.

Suddenly, it dawns on Hanna that Candace also bought Benny's tow yard, which Benny reluctantly confirms. Hanna is bitterly disappointed in her son, and she's stricken knowing that they've both become the victims of her daughter's underhanded scheming. Finally, Hanna demands that Benny take her to confront Candace face-to-face.

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