Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

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Hanna and Katheryn watch in disbelief as flames engulf Hanna's house. A detective approaches Hanna, who is devastated by the loss of her home, in the hopes of gleaning more information into who could be responsible for this possible arson. At first, he suspects that Hanna may have set her house ablaze as insurance fraud. However, Hanna reveals to the officer and Katheryn that she let her insurance lapse just a few weeks earlier to help with Benny's hospital bills.

"You have any idea who would want to do this?" the detective asks. Hanna says she doesn't know who could be capable of such a thing.

Benny arrives at the scene and, like his mother, is beside himself with emotion. Unlike Hannah, though, he knows for certain who's behind the crime: Quincy.

Katheryn offers to have Hanna stay at the Cryer mansion for a while, but Hanna refuses the charity. Benny then demands that she come home with him, despite her steadfast refusal to stay in his new house that she just doesn't feel right in.