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Wyatt is in shock after being sexually assaulted by his cellmate. When the prisoner threatens him again, he calls for the guards.

The guards are shocked to find that Wyatt has a new unauthorized cellmate—one with a history of violence on the inside—and they demand to know who placed him in Wyatt's cell. The inmate refuses to confess anything, and he's quickly removed from the cell. Knowing they'll soon have to face the wrath of Wyatt's high-profile father, the guards fall into a panic.
Eva Tamargo

Across town, Celine is at home anxiously waiting to hear from Jim. She's convinced Jim will rehire her once he's had time to recover from the recent family tragedy. Celine believes Jim will call her as soon as he's ready to restart his campaign, but Carlos informs her that Jim's announcing it in the morning.

Carlos tries to get Celine to understand that Jim doesn't care about them, but she refuses to accept it.

"I love you," Carlos says, "but that man you keep protecting—he doesn't."
John Schneider, Ren??e Lawless, Peter Parros, Angela Robinson and Shari Headley

At the Cryer mansion, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison plays Wyatt's taped confession for the Cryers and the Harringtons. On the tape, Wyatt confesses to hitting a girl with his car while driving under the influence. He goes on to admit that his parents and the Harringtons helped him hide the car and cover up the incident.

Jim attempts to convince the DA that Wyatt, who is known to have an addiction problem, gave a false confession under the influence of drugs. Despite the DA's attempt to fish for more information from them to strengthen her case, the two influential couples continue to stonewall her and maintain that it's all a misunderstanding. However, District Attorney Sallison is unconvinced by their posturing and firmly believes they're all guilty.

"I know he is telling the truth, and I'm coming after all of you," she says.

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John Schneider and Peter Parros

After their meeting with the district attorney, Veronica reveals that she knows Wyatt is in prison. David wants to know how his wife found out, and grows suspicious of her motives.

"That boy will learn," Veronica declares ominously.

"What the hell have you done now?" David says.

Veronica flashes David a sinister smirk before walking away. An unnerved David rushes into the mansion to warn Jim that Wyatt may be in danger. Jim was planning on having his son released from prison in the morning before his press conference, but David urges Jim to remove Wyatt immediately.

Jim is concerned by David's sense of urgency and demands to know what he's hiding from him.

"Jim, I've just got a feeling he is not as safe as you think he is," David says.

Having already failed to reach his contact at the prison, Jim rushes out the door to retrieve his son.

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Tika Sumpter and Jordan Preston Carter

At the hospital, a tearful Candace rushes to her injured son's bedside, where Hanna and Benny explain that Quincy and Quita, Quincy's sister, have been abusing him.

When Candace asks the social worker when she can take her son home, she finds out that Hanna is seeking custody after making claims that Candace is unfit to take care of Quincy Jr.

"No. I'm his mother, and this is my son," says an enraged Candace.

Hanna pleads with Candace to consider what's best for the child. She believes that Quincy Jr. needs stability that Candace wouldn't be able to provide.

"I want to give that baby a chance at life," Hanna says. "He's been through enough."

While they await the decision from children's services, Candace exercises her current parental rights and demands that Hanna stay away from her son.

"If I have to wait all day and all night, that baby's coming home with me. You'll see," Hanna says. And with that, she storms out of the hospital room.

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Angela Robinson and Tyler Lepley

Later that day, Veronica shows up at Benny's towing company in an attempt to seduce him again. Benny is resistant at first, but he soon gives in to her charms.

"Listen, I can't do this married thing," Benny says.

"It won't be for much longer," Veronica says.

After their steamy encounter, Veronica asks for a tour of the yard, where she hopes to gain access to the car from Wyatt's hit-and-run accident. Benny must refuse, telling her that he needs to get to the hospital to see his nephew and that she needs to leave.

Meanwhile, after learning that Veronica is at the tow yard, Maggie drives David there, where they see Veronica leaving Benny's office. Maggie admits that she's been having Veronica followed. David demands that she stop pursuing Veronica, and questions her about how much she knows.