Karrueche Tran on Chris Brown's Apology Attempt: "There's No Making Up Right Now"

Season 1
Aired on 03/28/2015 | CC
Over the past four years, aspiring model and actress Karrueche Tran and singer Chris Brown's on-again, off-again relationship has played out all over social media: accusations of cheating, love triangles and now an alleged baby by another woman.

With each breakup, Karrueche's fans and followers question why she keeps taking back the man who betrayed her. Now, just weeks after discovering that Chris is the alleged father of a 9-month-old daughter, Karrueche sits down with Iyanla Vanzant to address where their relationship currently stands.

"How did you find out that he had a baby by another woman...that he's not married to?" Iyanla asks.

"Honestly, through social media," Karrueche says. She says that Chris tried to reach out to talk in person, but it was too late. Headlines like "Chris Brown Surprise ... I'm a Father!" and "Chris Brown's Baby Drama 'Totally Blindsided' Girlfriend Karrueche Tran" were everywhere.

Although they are no longer a couple, Karrueche reveals she has spoken to Chris since their split. "He said he's sorry. He's dropped flowers off and tried to, you know, say sorry and be back in good graces," she says.

"And how can he possibly make that up to you?" Iyanla says.

"Now? It ain't no making up right now. No, there's no making up right now," Karrueche says. "I'm trying to be my strongest, and I understand, you know, what he's put me through, and I'm fed up with it."

While it may be too early for making up now, Iyanla asks the question we all want to know: "Do you really ever think you'd go back to him?"

Watch the above video to see Karrueche's response.

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