On an earlier Oprah Show episode, Dr. Oz shocked men everywhere with one simple statement: "If you lose 35 pounds, if you're a male, you gain one inch of penis length," he said.

Mike, a husband and father of three, happened to be watching the show that day. "It definitely got my attention," he recalls. "And my wife's as well!"

So, Mike hit the gym and lost 104 pounds. “Shannon, what do you have to report?” Oprah asks Mike's wife.

“Dr. Oz was right!” Shannon replies.

After losing the weight, Mike says that his confidence soared in other areas of his life as well. "I [used to] beat everyone to the punch to make a fat joke [about myself]," he says. "I was always making fun of myself and to wake up now and just be confident ... Every day is a way I can push myself harder. Every day I try to push more and more. ... Amazing."