Angela before and after losing 114 pounds

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Just four years ago, Angela was overweight, in part due to her love for cooking things like macaroni and cheese, and buttery biscuits. One day, she turned on The Oprah Show and saw Bob Greene talk about swapping out ingredients to cook healthier foods, and it changed her life.

"That day I watched the show, [Bob] laid out simple things that I can change in the way I cook," Angela says. "It reawakened the culinary spirit inside of me and showed me that I can eat the things that I love—I just don't have to use white flour. I don't have to eat white rice. I can eat brown rice. I can eat whole wheat pasta. [I can use] whole grain flour in everything. That's how I make the biscuits now!"

After making these types of changes, Angela dropped 114 pounds and still hasn't given up on making tasty comfort food. "Swap out the bad things, put in good things and you can eat delicious food," she says.

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