Would you rather?

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It never fails. You start out on a long trip and after the initial rush of excitement wears off, reality—and boredom—sets in. "We were barely on our way when the interstate yawn-a-thon began," Oprah says.

To get things going, Gayle made a few stabs at car games. First she had the idea to chase down a couple of studs speeding past them in a convertible, but they got away. Undeterred, she stumbled onto a game the producers stashed in the glove box. "This is called 'Would You Rather,'" Gayle announces.

"Would you rather urinate through your nose or smell things with your genitalia?" Gayle asks. "What is your answer, Oprah Winfrey?"

"What are we, 11? I'm not playing this game, Gayle," Oprah says.

"I think I might have to urinate through my nose," Gayle says. "I know they're both bad."