Oprah and Gayle agree to disagree.

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Before Oprah and Gayle even pull out of the driveway of Oprah's California house, there are already a few arising clashes. First, Gayle is not going to be much of a navigator. "I don't know how to read a map," she admits.

Next, there are a few aspects of driving Oprah says she doesn't like. She says she has "interstate anxiety," "unpaved road anxiety" and "merging anxiety." Oprah also explains a few of the other things she doesn't really like—night driving, merging and driving over bridges.

Gayle is quick to add a few other of Oprah's road dislikes. "She doesn't like to pass trucks. She doesn't like curves. And Oprah doesn't like going across bridges, trucks, highways or bumpy roads," Gayle says. "But other than that, she's a lot of fun."

The last of the ways Oprah and Gayle are out of tune...is in the tunes. While Gayle likes to have music constantly playing, Oprah prefers silence. "I like to be with my thoughts," Oprah says.

"Listen, I have thoughts, too," Gayle says. "But I don't want to be alone in the car with my thoughts while we're driving 3,000 miles."

In the end, Oprah and Gayle decided on a classic compromise. Whoever is behind the wheel of the Impala gets to decide on what, if anything, they'd listen to.