Age Spots

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How to Cover Age Spots
Bridget Thexton, 52: Senior vice president at a financial institution

What was bothering her: "The age spots on my cheeks. And the area below my brows is sagging, which is dragging down my eyes."

Bobbi's no-surgery solution: "Age spots are the one thing that you can cover with makeup, and it's a cinch. First, use a creamy corrector a little lighter than your skin tone. Over that, dot a touch of stick foundation in the same color as your skin tone. The spot will completely disappear.

"I used a light eyeshadow in a nude color all over Bridget's lids to open up her eyes. Then I applied a gel liner in indigo to bring out their beautiful color. Bridget said she never wore liner on her upper lid, only on her lower lid, which is the opposite of what she should be doing. Lining the upper lid will bring the focus up when you look at her; lining only the lower lid brings the focus down. In the crease, I used a slightly deeper shadow, a shade darker than the nude, and blended that well. I lifted the arch of her eyebrows and extended them slightly toward her temples with a taupe eyeshadow. Black mascara adds more definition; I gave her two coats, starting close to the lashline and pulling out to the sides. A cream blush in powder pink gives her cheekbones a natural flush."

Cost of Bobbi's makeup:
Corrector: $22; foundation: $38; eyeshadows (two): $19 each; eyeliner: $19; eyeshadow (on brows): $19; mascara: $20; blush: $20
Total: $176

Pricey alternative:
Laser (for age spots): $250 to $550 per treatment, three treatments; eyelid surgery: $5,000
Total: $5,750 to $6,650