Happy baby yoga pose

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The Position to Interrupt The Horrifying Video of All the Worst-Case Scenarios That Could Happen to the People You Love

Happy Baby Pose
This is another great tension-reliever, and Stiles says the joyful rocking motion can remind you of happy moments in your past.

How: While lying on your back on the floor or the bed, hug both knees into your chest. Grab the outside edge of your right foot with your right hand, and the outside of your left foot with your left hand. The bottoms of your feet should be turned up to the ceiling. Gently lower your knees toward the ground by pulling your feet down. Rock your body from side to side. Stay here for five to 10 long, deep breaths, or until all those worst-case scenarios seem preposterous.

Photo of Tara Stiles by Beth Bischoff for Slim Calm Sexy Yoga