Pigeon yoga pose

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The Move to Ease Your Fears About Getting Fired, Getting Divorced and Getting Old
Pigeon Pose
Stiles says this is one of the best ways to release physical and emotional tension that builds up in the hips. When students do this pose at her New York studio, Strala Yoga, she can hear them sighing loudly in relief.

How: (If you have knee problems, you might want to skip this one.) You can do this on your bed or on the floor. Come into a low lunge with your right leg forward. Inch your right foot over toward your left hand and ease your right knee to the ground by your right hand. Rest your hips on the ground (or on a blanket) and gently lower your torso over your legs. Make a pillow with your hands and rest your forehead on them. Stay here for 10 long, deep breaths, or until you feel all the resistance melt out of your hips.

Photo of Tara Stiles by Beth Bischoff for Slim Calm Sexy Yoga